Jordan’s Kiss (The Yearning)

Yearning of life a journeys end

the winding of the road,

No more burden I bare His yoke

freed from toil ~ sins dense load!

I crave eternal I long for peace ~

existence only in His love,

I drop the flesh ~ earthly garment

on chariot of grace I rise above!

Untarnished hopes now scale the wall

life’s hurtles but a mist,

lungs of life that once lay dormant

with dew of Jordan have been kissed!

Kathy J Snow©

James 4:14

Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life?

It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.(NKJV)

We do not know what tomorrow holds…

With soulful prayer ~ humble faithful servant of His word I will continue…

Encouraging hearts today! My prayer is …

“May a heart be blessed ~ a soul refreshed”

“I plan today what maybe tomorrow

Not knowing what it may bring,

And live each day as if the last

With careful flight I’ll spread my wings” KJS©

Jordan's Kiss 

Solace of Song (Wings of the Morning)

Complete contentment~

solace to the ear,

Atmosphere of reverence

 I feel thou art near,


Sweet chords of hymns

 tenderly are strummed,

On wings of the morning

 quietly are hummed.


It’s then my heart is fixed~

 caressed by strength of song,

It’s then the tender mercies

 from in my soul are found,


A song, a hiding place

 is ones faultless shield,

Midst the trouble

 find the comfort

 all one must do is yield!


Kathy J Snow©



Mask of Doubt (Armor of Simplicity)

Moving a mountain is no easy task

To stumble on ones unbelief creates a doubting mask,

Faith is the substance of things not yet perceived

Your strength circumstantial on the brink to deceive!


Doubting ~ thus a lack in faith can deal

Impossible, for in confidence to say it is real,

Free ones heart from worries and fears

Embrace ~ grasping unrealities of hope with tears.


Simple is ones faith, a prayer of design

Its possibilities infinite and creates no space of time,

Clasped to realities ones trust to hope and prayer

Thus a product of unbelief should a soul to even dare?


No greater gift can one bestow to ones heart believe

The power of our mighty God through this one can achieve!

The simple trust of faith and prayer ones armor for the day

Will move that mountain great or small along life’s weary way!

Kathy J Snow©



Hebrew 4:16 – Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace,

that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Share a Blessing

Share a Blessing

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Engraved Reflections (His Covenant)

Our lives our liked upon

an open sky of room,

Varied days endless swells

of clouds persist with gloom.


While at times it may seem

dark billows to all exist,

The hazy murk of satan’s snare

always to persist.


Never doubt by no means

for God’s hand is in the storm,

Careful guided clouds of rain ~

pour out and grow to form.


Lives of careful trials of trust

extend to perfect faith,

For no man there can enter in

unless he has obtained.


For every cloud a silver lining

creates a shield of hope,

For soon the Son will show His face 

His glory to behold!


The rays of love embrace our souls

engraved no more to part,

His covenant the rainbow

reflects upon our heart!


Kathy J Snow©




It has come to my attention, that I think the possibilities of missing out, are happening!

In not taking the time or effort to click on a fellows “about” I found I missed a  huge blessing of encouragement.

The “about” is filled with attributes of a writer ~ poet. In sharing their sometimes stepping stones of this life ~ and how they have overcome, can not only give an insight to their style and inspiration of writing, but it can also lead the reader to a fountain of blessings.

A fountain of blessings, this is what I found when I clicked this “about”! I have been both touched and uplifted by your desires as a writer ~ a dedicated servant of His love.

My prayer is your prayer.

Blessings my fellow writer and friend.

Included in this “about” was this lovely poem!

Poetry is..

A living letter

open wound and heart

for all to view and marvel at

then move on changed

A fusion of thoughts

melding of minds

union of souls

pure alchemy


Grandma’s Garden (Graces of Treasured Memories)

 As evening shadows start to gather

Tiny gems of twilight dew,

I wend my way towards the garden

In hope for dreams to catch a view.


For once stood rows of garden greens

Flourished with bloom by summers sun,

The earth once moist by heavens rain

I sit and wait for her to come.


I hear now footsteps through the garden

Ever so softly one by one,

In haste I turn to catch a glimpse

To find the morning sun has come!


(Poem from “Pebbles and Blessings” book)



Ecclesiastes 3:1

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:


Although my loving Grandma is singing with the angels ~ she is alive in my heart! A shining light for the gospel of Christ, her testimony of strength and faith in the Lord still encourages my soul today!

 From John 3:16 to Joshua 1:9, I can still hear her loving voice asking me to memorize these two verses ~ “they will carry you through life’s trials” she would say, with her tender smile.

 Today I wish I had her bible, just so I could scan my fingers over the verses ~ feel the worn pages that were turned from reading her daily bread.

 Today I miss my grandma. Today I bow my head in reverence in thankfulness to my Lord. 

 Thank you Lord,

for blessing and enriching my childhood with the love of my grandma. 

 Thank you Lord,

for the graces of treasured memories. 

 Thank you Lord,

for tears ~ tears of joy that I have a promise ~ a promise that I will unite with my grandma, in the “Sweet By and By.” On that golden shore I will wrap my arms around this loving dear soul and say thank you!

 A special request ~ Dear Lord,

When rewards are handed out to Thy faithful servants, I pray that my loving grandma ~ a true soldier of the cross… with your grace, please place an extra jewel in her crown.

 I remain your faithful servant,



 Joshua 1:9

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.


John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.





Alone ( Perceptions)

Alone in weeping ore one’s own trials

Who was there to comfort by way of smiles?

Amidst the dark and gloom of defeat

Who was there to guide thy feet?


When it seemed that no one cared

Who was there with love to share?

And when the breaking of heart was too much,

Someone came with that splendid touch!


While life’s road took turns and hills

Who was there with strength to fill?

Could it be at times one’s will to live ~

Struggles and grief was all could give?


Could one’s perception of trials and grief 

Be clouded with delusion of desired relief?

When now and then caused one’s own shame

From wrong decisions one is only to blame?


Kathy J Snow©


Psalm 103 : 13-14

The Lord is like a father to his children,

    tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

For he knows how weak we are;

    he remembers we are only dust. (NLT)




The Willow

A poem of love and strength, written for my sweet sister.

Pebbles and Blessings Weekly Blog

Come and see the willow 

and rest awhile my friend,

Climb way up in her branches 

for an ear is what she’ll lend,


Run your fingers through her leaves 

and lose your weary thoughts,

Just dream away the hours 

no need to be distraught!


Come and see the willow

a tower of strength is she,

When you’re feeling down

a shoulder she will be,


Cry my love and bare your soul

no one need to hear,

The secrets kept within the willow

are kept so very near.


Come and see the willow

and share your thoughts of joy,

Your struggles now are ore

there is peace forever more,


Contentment smiles and laughter

for dancing there shall be,

Forever more in heaven

underneath the willow tree!

Kathy J Snow© 


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Vision (Journeys of Yesterday)

Where is your heart trapped within

By gone times and forever past sins?

Or treasured memories from remarkable days

From fresh new beginnings and unsullied ways?


With anticipation seize the day!

Opportunity is now gazing your way,

Open the door to endless vision

Never give in to faintness provision.


Dreams come true its purpose not to defeat

Journeys of yesterday turn into retreats,

Success in only what life that we make

For tomorrow is yesterday full of mistakes.