Refined Rainbows

Amble down
the cobblestones
patterns change
my every step
colours blend with
cold grey stone
crumbling beneath
worn shoes

Pigments mixed
between the cracks
confuse the artist
of the canvas
portrait of the
life now shades
under tones
of sadness

Never change
the canvas
for in it
lies their soul
mix the colours
blend the hues
with fashion
refined rainbows




Love Prevails



Crevices deep within the heart
hold the truest love
a vein of gold the band that holds
around her tiny finger

Worn from years of constant labor
his hand still bears the ring
symbol of infinite affection
constant reminder of true love

Endure through blinding walls of hail
the winds try hard to break the course
love remains their bond of strength
through dementia love prevails



We face many challenges in this life. For richer or poor, in sickness in health…

My parents have faced a lot of uphill climbs throughout their years of dedicated love together.

This recent mountain seems so very steep rugged and sometimes out of reach of the victory at the top of the climb; but today was a “VICTORY’ stop, a rest on their way to the top.
Today my dearest daddy visited his loving wife in her new home Rockwood. Love holds no bounds, even through dementia love was visible.

There are more challenges to face but together as a family our love creates a bond that seems to give strength and courage when you feel you have none left.

Please continue to hold my parents in your thoughts and remember to whisper their names in your prayers.

God Bless
Thank you



Miracle Of Time

Miracle Of Time

heaven winding
through lungs to heart
I drift upon
lofty heights
through day
shadows fold

A moment
there is time
it lives
it rushes on
the chance to think
reacting within a miracle

Golden field
heavily laden
grasses forbade
my entry
beauty lies
with in its maze
for the journey

Fingers find their way
to stem
to pluck
a brilliant rose
crimson coat
swaddles bloom
by the thorn



The Exchange

Find your compassion, feel the need, express your inner thoughtfulness, and find a dear soul to share it with.


Hold my hand and feel my life
the path though worn is there
Threads of memory still exist
tattered frayed and threadbare

Feel my heart ’tis broken and torn
do you have compassion?
Mend my soul with threads of gold
spun from interaction

Stay awhile to get a sense
why oft times I feel so lost
Now and then you’d never know
the heaviness of my cross

Bring a ray of sunshine with you
melt away the icy fears
Bestow me with the warmth of friendship
exchanging smiles instead of tears




Guarded Portals

My world awakes to soft pastels
Though sometimes hard to view
Beauty hidden surpasses dreams
Please share their purples pinks and blues

Bold black lines an ordinary life
Fashions of fences corralling feelings
Oh where is the portal? Is it guarded?
Yonder the sunset promised healing



Beyond The Slats

There are positive sides to dementia it is the ONLY positive side it is the PERSON who is chained to this deck of miserable darkness. We treat the disease, we charity for cure, we pray for healing, we faith for life substance, we sing for courage , and write for awareness and encouragement. We are speaking of a…

Beautiful person


There is …


Flickers of …


Look past the disease, look deep into their soul they are an individual, they are family. Reality ?This disease is a demon and must be treated as such, but treat the person with love, respect, compassion, and above all patience. When they lash out we have no idea what battles they are truly fighting inside their minds, we can only surmise. Is their life like looking through slats of time, a glimpse of the past, present, and future? no one truly knows unless you are the person on the other side of the conflict with the disease.

Just beyond the slats
vision of thoughts are clear
sometimes I reach the other side
tis then my heart it feels no fear

I cling to someones touch
a kiss upon my cheek
an understanding of my trial
they see my heart and speak

If I could choose to rid disguise
and drop this heavy burden
would be my glory my victory story
the rising of the curtain!



Mirage (Dementia Particles)


Misty vapours caress my face
my tears I thought were rain

The fog in which I struggle to clear
has settled inside my brain

My feet are heavy as I trudge along
the path I did not choose

Wending my way in a maze of circles
praying my gain I do not lose

Mirage though beautiful give false hope
but beware they may bring bravery

Trusting is the optimum word
that break the chains of slavery

My mom has mixed aggressive dementia, I pray for her strength healing and courage.
Every dear person whom has this disease did not ask for it to take over their life. Join our voices in encouragement and prayer for all involved.