The Great Lady Blue Heron

Her sinuous neck silhouettes

against the evening sky

as she progresses with determination

towards the waters of self reflection

Her reflection silent and unmoving,

stares calmly back at her.

What does she see? – past conflicts and ruffled feathers

but bids a peaceful, and proud independence

She evaluates her state

with a contemplative mind

determines her self and spiritual worth

eliminating all distractions of earthly life

The great blue heron has flown into the sun

her choice of flight inscribed on her heart

she wings her way to her realm of election

and there finds peace within her love


A Prayer For A Friend


Underneath the bowers and branches
I took a stroll one eve
Pondering the daily trends
A sudden urge to hug a tree

A thought that passed right through my mind
Straight to my heart it wend
A twinge of care an earth prayer
Twas for a dearest friend

I bowed my head in humble prayer
And asked the Lord above
Please send to her the brightest angel
To guide with light eternal love

For when her way grows thick with thorns
And clouds obscure her days
Please light the lantern filled with hope
Guidance her angel to lead the way

With Modest thanks I raised my head
Thus slight a turn I caught a glance
A flutter breath of angels wings
I knew this friendship was not by chance.


Dedicated to a dear soul who is now an angel my friend Connie

Heir of Grace

Titus 3:7
That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.



The calm of night

comes slowly down

as my heart drifts into prayer,

I stop to ponder

amazing grace

at the cross my soul lays bare;

With humble utterance

the battle spent

I drop all worry care and strife,

I claim the blood

in Jesus name

an heir to eternal life.



Victory! (Death Where is Thy Sting)

Romans 8:11 (KJV)

But if the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you,
he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken
your mortal bodies by his spirit that dwelleth in you.

Rejoice He liveth forevermore!

The tomb is empty
the Lord hath risen
death where is thy sting?

Triumph victory
the stone has rolled
His saints now sing

The promise of rapture
returning in glory
the saints will rise to meet him

Christ returns
oh hallelujah
with robes of white
we greet Him!


My resurrection and my life! Your word is alive in my heart and I rejoice! You have risen from death and You are my Lord! The stone of sin and doubt have been rolled away! I am a new being in Christ!

Thank you Lord,


Wishing everyone a blessed Easter!

The Gift (Precious Memories)

Thanking God for the gift of memory.

Through this precious gift, my heart can

still see,hear,feel,and embrace the wonderful ~ treasures of my childhood.


Today my heart remembered…



childhoods past


in summers 

sweet green grass

lazily walking 

through fields of wheat

feeling the touch

cool earth on my feet


Untroubled laughter

still winged in the air

carried away  

by bluebirds so fare

the songs ~ the carefree

rest in the clouds

released gentle rains

bring rainbows aloud


Splashes of dreams

still ripple in lakes

carried by driftwood

my heart it awakes

reflections in ripples

bless me in poem

through arbor of verse

softly I roam


Sun-kissed days

still shine through greys

stealing small doubts

vining the way

warmth of small smiles

that melt ice of fear

feeling the love

bringing memories near



this season

embossed in snowflakes

a gift from my Saviour

His purpose ~ no mistakes  

chapters of life

He allows me to share

carefully chosen

gift wrapped with care




In loving memory of my dear “Grandma and Grandpa Peters” who brought to life so many beautiful bright rainbows in my childhood! Merry Christmas! I love and miss you both!

The Heart Goes Home For Christmas (Season’s of the Heart)

The Northern lights 

they call her home


Cry of the wolf 

forlorn he weeps for her


Stars are brilliant with life 

awaiting her return


The frozen north anticipates 

new breath of life


Warm summer breeze 

longs to caress her face


Pulling her back

to familiar senses ~ beings of once a time


Sun kisses northern lakes 

in hopes to glimmer the eye


Ache – is strong it pulls the heart 

towards the country of sunsets


Tis autumn leaves brilliant 

with spectacular shades


Time is short 

the chill of winter is lurking 


Drawing closer with every eve

restless turns anxious


Will the heart make it 

back in time?


Whistling wind brings first snowfall 

with flurry it arrives!


A blanket of fresh white linen

covers earth to keep it warm


Reflection dancing lights 

twinkle in brilliance against the snow,


For shadows of footprints

 not seen by naked eye 


Drifting satisfying from the wind

the soul has come home 


She has made it safe 

no more her heart will roam!




Exchanged (Thoughts of Calvary at Christmas)


of Christ’s love,


poetic verse



that we celebrate,


the lowly birth


Tinselled trees 

alas shine through,


coloured glass


Thus beneath

mortal adornment,


common wood



grateful heart,

o soul rejoice

thoughts of Calvary





Candy~cane Overture (Prelude to Christmas Morn)

Frosty streets 

merry children

frolic in the snow

icicles hang from stone

magical swords

that melt with warmth

tender is the heart


Crackling fire

glowing embers

delightful spray of light

flicker in eyes

enraptured children

with anticipation

for Christmas morn


Twinkling stars

ignite the sky

mystical their journey

fall with wishes

 hopes and dreams

float through streams

of the milky way


 Hasty goodnights

dreamy sleep tights

sugar plums and dance

collide in happy slumber

a sweet prelude

candy-cane overture

to a Merry Christmas






Thank You Lord (Thanksgiving)


For every time you stood by me 

I want to thank you Lord

for all the ways you’ve shown me love 

I want to thank you Lord

For being patient with me 

while I had to try it my way

Oh lord I want to thank you 

I want to thank you my Lord


 For blessings that you’ve given me 

I want to thank you Lord

For all the answers to my prayers 

I want to thank you Lord

You give me what you think is best 

not always what I want

O lord I want to thank you 

I want to thank you my Lord


For sweet salvation in my soul 

I want to thank you Lord

For dying on that cruel cross 

I want to thank you Lord

And when I come to be with you 

in my sweet home above

O lord I want to thank you 

I want to thank you my Lord




Life (Envisioned Beauty)





Jesus is mine





promise of

face to face





psalms of

praise to Him




by footprints


blood of Calvary



my life


on the 

pages of