Still Reflections (Colour of Life)

I viewed pressed blossoms 

   Of yesterdays arbour,

As such stored treasures 

   Of one who savours, ~


The hues though pale

    Still flutter with life,

Through still reflection 

   The colour now lives! ~


I breathed in fragrance 

   A foothold of promise;

The wakening choice; 

   of tomorrows song,


Though cloak of present 

   Still bids me captive; 

I deny its venture 

   To voice its possession.


Kathy J Snow©



Portraying Positive Purpose

Portraying Positive Purpose



Staying refueled in strength and faith can be somewhat challenging as we venture through this earthly realm. So many various storms can rock our boat on the sea of life, but the KEY is to stay committed to our Captain. Placing trust, faith, and your will in the Lord’s hands is the best avenue to restoring emotional peace. This peace that passeth all understanding will calm the angry waves of doubt…..

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He Leadeth Me (Spring Daily Devotional)

❀ May 27 ❀



Psalm 13:5 (KJV)

 But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.



Wherever Thou leadeth I will follow

though thorns of tribulation press,

In Thee my soul I put my trust 

till evening waters tide shall crest.


Through passing clouds I feel Thy glory

I know Thy covenant secure

my soul’s salvation telling story

through vale of tears I shall endure!




 Though I walk through dim lit pathways, Your light continues to guide me. I have assurance in Thy promises ~ Your word will not return void.




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Seasons of the Heart & Soul 

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  Kathy J Snow



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