The Embrace

Sustain my heart 

with a long good bye

watching you leave 

till your shadow dissolves

into tears of longing 

oh… not to be left behind!


Weary eyes that

give way to rest

slipping into dreams

of yesterdays 

oh… familiar caresses! 

from one who went before


Oh…what is this! 

new life of watching

waiting and wondering

a world where 

days are echoed 

with such continual emptiness


Pleadings with prayer 

oh…God help me!

release my body

from this prison

filled with little dignity

and racked with pain and sorrow


Respect of a life 

the sword is raised

shrouded by heaviness

of grieving and death

oh…arms are lifted!

as breath turns into embrace




Photo compliments of Joyce Peters ❤

Vision (Journeys of Yesterday)

Where is your heart trapped within

By gone times and forever past sins?

Or treasured memories from remarkable days

From fresh new beginnings and unsullied ways?


With anticipation seize the day!

Opportunity is now gazing your way,

Open the door to endless vision

Never give in to faintness provision.


Dreams come true its purpose not to defeat

Journeys of yesterday turn into retreats,

Success in only what life that we make

For tomorrow is yesterday full of mistakes.