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Solace of Song (Wings of the Morning)

Complete contentment~

solace to the ear,

Atmosphere of reverence

 I feel thou art near,


Sweet chords of hymns

 tenderly are strummed,

On wings of the morning

 quietly are hummed.


It’s then my heart is fixed~

 caressed by strength of song,

It’s then the tender mercies

 from in my soul are found,


A song, a hiding place

 is ones faultless shield,

Midst the trouble

 find the comfort

 all one must do is yield!


Kathy J Snow©




9 thoughts on “Solace of Song (Wings of the Morning)

  1. Kathy, I believe this has to be one of my favorites among your works that I have read! I cheated a bit, maybe, reading the Sunday blessing on Saturday, rather than waiting, (like children campaigning to open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve, rather than waiting until next morning!) It has certainly put me in an a state of expectancy for the Lord’s Day!

    • Neil, Thank you so much! and I forgive you for cheating 🙂 and I LOVE Christmas! I have to admit, this is one of my favourites too. I wrote this while my husband, Bruce was playing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” on the classical one Sunday morning. Enjoy your Sunday. Blessings my friend.

  2. I did the same as Neil! Couldn’t wait to read it on Sunday. This is so beautiful, Kathy. May you truly have a blessed, restful and enjoyable Lord’s Day with your family. You have been so prolific in your lovely outpourings recently that a break may be just what you need. God bless you and yours. 🙂 xx

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