A surge of ocean fills the lungs

Drowning waves of conviction

Feelings like a bow of silk

Tied around the heart with weight

Caught between life’s ferris wheel

Impatient butterflies await release

While flutters fill the nervous cavern

One prays for fate or choice

The soul is lifted on the mount

Steep the climb valiant the strain

Vision excelled to distant hills

Breathless longing stilled crave lingers

Relentless instinct drains earths mortals

Without would be a brittle shell

Creation mimicked science versus

Love and hate would cease to exist



Vision (Journeys of Yesterday)

Where is your heart trapped within

By gone times and forever past sins?

Or treasured memories from remarkable days

From fresh new beginnings and unsullied ways?


With anticipation seize the day!

Opportunity is now gazing your way,

Open the door to endless vision

Never give in to faintness provision.


Dreams come true its purpose not to defeat

Journeys of yesterday turn into retreats,

Success in only what life that we make

For tomorrow is yesterday full of mistakes.