Miracles Encased In Courage

Tops of the trees
bend and sway
in time to
life’s circumstances
unsettled currents
may bend and break
a few of
the delicate
tiny branches
the root
of the tree
never waivers
embedded deep
within earths soil
winters blanket
encased in courage
fed by faith
the hope
suffocating fear
and doubt



Being Encouraged by Way of the Cross ~ Through Others Inspirations of GRACE!

Walking through others faith journey’s, being encouraged ~ revitalized can lead to life changing motivations! By others relaying their tales, of faith from their stepping stones to blessings, may perhaps lead a soul to refreshing waters, of HOPE.



Psalm 94:19When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer. (NLT)


My heart reminds me of our Lord and His journey ~ stepping stones to Calvary ~ the hill of Golgotha. All his trials and temptations ~ snares of the devil. The doubters, who scorned, mocked, the ones who wanted to stone him!  These stones that brought redemption ~ mercy and grace! Now the very rock of our salvation. Oh such…

You can Finnish reading over at www.joanhallwrites.com where I have been both blessed and honoured to be guest blogger. 

Thank you Joan for the privilege. Encouraged by your generosity, and always blessed by your wonderful uplifting writes!



Engraved Reflections (His Covenant)

Our lives our liked upon

an open sky of room,

Varied days endless swells

of clouds persist with gloom.


While at times it may seem

dark billows to all exist,

The hazy murk of satan’s snare

always to persist.


Never doubt by no means

for God’s hand is in the storm,

Careful guided clouds of rain ~

pour out and grow to form.


Lives of careful trials of trust

extend to perfect faith,

For no man there can enter in

unless he has obtained.


For every cloud a silver lining

creates a shield of hope,

For soon the Son will show His face 

His glory to behold!


The rays of love embrace our souls

engraved no more to part,

His covenant the rainbow

reflects upon our heart!


Kathy J Snow©