The Great Lady Blue Heron

Her sinuous neck silhouettes

against the evening sky

as she progresses with determination

towards the waters of self reflection

Her reflection silent and unmoving,

stares calmly back at her.

What does she see? – past conflicts and ruffled feathers

but bids a peaceful, and proud independence

She evaluates her state

with a contemplative mind

determines her self and spiritual worth

eliminating all distractions of earthly life

The great blue heron has flown into the sun

her choice of flight inscribed on her heart

she wings her way to her realm of election

and there finds peace within her love


Spring A New Song

(A New Song)

Frost chilled windows
embrace the sun
wash the sleep

from Winter’s eyes,

Awaken souls
caressed and kissed
by Heavens dew

alert the heart,

Promise of LIFE
resurrection proclaimed

as earths layers

redeem stubborn sod,

Victorious the bud

gives up to Spring

ablaze with colour

contributing canvas,

Brilliant finale

arrives with song

music on wings

from red breasted one,

Metaphor of Calvary

stirs the soul

attributes of grace

completes makes whole.

© Kathy J Snow

Foundations of Truth

Crystal ships that hold no anchor
suspended by the oceans tide
reflections through the marbled slabs
hold no happiness an endless ride

Tall armoires that hold the riches
amethyst statues guard the fold
lighted lamps to hide such shadows
tables of glass that stand there bold

Hidden haven cloaked in ivory
its walls of linear lined with books
behind a desk with skillful hand
pages of knowledge the masters rook

Claws of gold that hold wood ransom
still life portraits share the breath ~
stale air that holds no promise
an empty world a kiss of death

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Silent Prayers of Dementia


There are days when the rays
light the path to expectation
a glimmer of understanding
through a light touch
it thrills my heart
and lets me know
I am not alone

Many are the afternoons
when the clouds gather
I wait to see the break
…oft so many times
they will darken
anxious storms
are near

Lonely nights stretch into days
restless waiting for dreams
exhausted with counting
mirage of shadows
through meshed
confusion my
voice is silent

In this blackness a silent soul
finds an arbour of conveyance
through the dark He walks
holding my hand and
hearing my prayers
silent assurance
set free



Finding the Sun (A Husband A Caregiver)


With shoulders drooped he makes his way
to the warm comfort of his chair.
she’s asleep now, his hushed burdens can be revealed.
Slowly, silently, weariness wells up in his eyes
and readily they fall down his weathered cheeks.
He doesn’t dab away the tears, but lets them fall freely now~
releasing exhaustion and emotion that no one bears witness to.

For a few moments thoughts are allowed to surface
but quickly sending them back to his crowded mind.
He shuffles through his doubts and fears
deciding which ones he needs and wants to accept.
A soft noise startles his minds quarrel,
but to his relief it is just the complaints of the old fridge.

Reaching for his bible he finds comfort in verses of faith,
closing his eyes in prayer to set free thankfulness~
humbly he asks for strength to bear this burden.
The Lord is his strength the rock of his salvation,
once again he draws from the ultimate source of grace.

He silently whispers amen in his heart
and without knowing falls into a well deserved slumber;
the dreams are the same…
holding hands and walking through meadows of green,
she knows him, and sweetly calls his name.
With tenderness and love they embrace under the tree of life,
the former life is past, dementia has no place in this land.


He is awaken by his wife’s hand gently resting on his arm,
he smiles at her and says “I love you”
without realizing he starts softly humming that beloved old hymn,
“I have heard of a land, where the sun is always shining…
God has promised in His word, bow thy head and you’ll be heard.”



Guardian Angel With A Wooden Leg (Part One)


Kenora, Lake of the Woods did not know it harboured a beautiful lady that had also suffered much grief in her young life, and would also be known as mom’s guardian angel.

Just down the lane on River Street; there nestled a little old house that was the home to a lovely Christian lady by the name of Nell Lodge. Nell Lodge lived with her brother Jack Lodge for many years, and never did marry. Nell was the sister to my mother’s mom Constance Kenora, the first white baby to be born into the Kenora district, part of the pioneers of this beautiful Lake of the Woods.

Also known as Nellie, she was recognized as a tender dedicated christian woman who attended lakeside Baptist church regularly, and was picked up by taxi with bible in hand, as not to miss a Sunday or weekly prayer meeting. Nellie did not drive or ride bike, and walking would be difficult given her wooden leg. Sadly as a young girl Nellie had lost her leg to cancer, and lived out her years with a cumbersome wooden leg. As a young girl she had been aggressively kicked by another child, and her leg had bruised quite badly. The bruise never did heal and tragically turned into cancer and had to be amputated, in its place a wooden leg with a brace. Mom said, “Auntie Nell was never one to complain” and she looked at life and its trials that they were meant to be, as God had a purpose for her life. Unknown to her one of those purposes would be to give shelter to my mom and be one of her lovingly guardian angels.

My mother moved down to her Aunt Nell’s after her father had come back from fighting in World War Two. He had come back a changed man and held unto demons from the war; this would have a lasting impact on my mom’s young life right up until this day. Mom recalls packing up her few belongings and leaving the little red mushroom house that was her home. Left behind sadness, abuse, and shadows of night terrors that still sometimes haunt her today, Thelma Sharpe (known as Holly) would leave her footprints in the dust of River Street as she made her way down the lane to be welcomed into her guardian angels arms of love, the arms of Nellie Lodge.

Mom recalls going to Lakeside Baptist church with Nell, and one time in-particular when the young people were singing. it just so happened that Lawrence Peters was on the platform singing when Auntie Nell leaned over and said to mom, “now there’s a nice young Christian man for you” , in time mom would court Lawrence Peters and walk down the isle in Lakeside Baptist church and say their vows. With heart brimming with love Nell her guardian angel attended their union revealing a luminous smile on her face.

Many years later and through chapters of life, Holly would follow her husband to Eastern Ontario, where they reside today in the town of Hanover in a little apartment. Due to distance, and lack of funds mom was sadly unable to make the 1846 KM trip to her old home town to say good bye to her dearest Aunt Nell. Nell Lodge would later move in with her sister Constance until moving to PineCrest where she would live out her remaining years, and it was there she would hear the call of her Lord, and go to her heavenly home to meet her Saviour.

Mom’s dream is to go back to Kenora and visit Aunt Nell’s grave, bring her flowers and say good bye. This will be her final trip to Kenora, part of her “Long Good bye” closure to another chapter of her life, that held sorrow, but also was covered by the love, dedication, and protection of a dear soul; a Christian lady that I would come to know as my Great Auntie Nell, my mom’s guardian angel.

Kathy J Snow

Her daughter ~ advocate for dementia awareness and “For the Love of a Mom”

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A Ready Heart & Willing Soul

Parchment readied for the quill
prepared by prayer and faith
the word hath fetched a willing heart
established for this race

Such a vessel doth have its dues
the shoulder bares the cross
partaker of the bleeding Lamb
no trial to count a loss

Compelled by God His tender mercies
each inspiration quote and verse
fall fresh upon Thy humble servant
all doubts and fears dispersed


Time (The Olive Canvas)

I step inside the canvas
For at the end of day,
I observe the room of clutter
From meadows green and gay! ~

My heart sings with the Buntings
I feel their song of cheer
The Chickadees and Kinglets
Bring the olive forest near, ~

Though once inside the wood I know
‘Tis only for a time,
When I shall turn my thoughts around
To the worlds of rapid time.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Days goes by so swiftly, moments but fleeting time. I pray I will make the most of every precious moment. Thank you for your beautiful creation. It is a balm for a weary mind.


Balancing Life (Portion of Grace)

Hebrews 12:11 (NAS)

 All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful ; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.



Through life’s rivers I dabble and slosh. At times heavy currents of sin, trials and temptations cause my foothold to slip, becoming unstable ~ unbalanced; it is then my soul ~ my weary worn strained mind surrender ~ become totally reliant on my Rock of Salvation! 


A sharp bend, a few razored stones embedded deep within the river bed; may cause hurt, wounding, cuts, and bruises, even may leave some scarring, but it is the process of healing that generates strength, faith, hope and trust in our Lord. 


Rivers hold various types of rocks and stones, how they are perceived depends on ones observation. My prayer is that I may always look through eyes of FAITH, and not give in to thoughts of doubt. I pray that my hearts selfness will be hushed ~ tuned to the “Still Small Voice”. Through life’s waters, may I be constant drinking deep from the “Springs of LIVING WATER” I pray I may taste of His righteousness and sing of His mercy!


John 4:14 (ESV) 

But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”


Balancing Life’s check book

not always an easy task

debits of sins and daily doubts

create an earthly mask


Adding up all wants and needs

which ones are just and sound

continual prayer and seeking will

blessed credits may be found


Subtracting all the daily dues

from cares to chorus given

forgetting not the silent thoughts

heart memos sent to heaven


What will you find when life is done

and the books have all been known

the life long tally of your soul

as you stand before His throne




Balancing life in this earthly realm becomes a list of priorities ~ a balancing act ~ an equation. I have learned time and time again to be constant in re-evaluating my list, making sure my equation equals the sum of Salvation. Oh…other daily routines, and schedules may have to be laid aside to compensate for my soul needs, but “it will be worth it, every mile of the way”! Family absorbs my heart, love, and time, a very important part of the equation of a balanced life. 


I am a sinner saved by GRACE, a child of God.

I am a wife, a mother to my children.

I am a writer, an encourager through God’s promises.


“Through the grace of our Lord I strive to be the best I can be”



Anchored in omniscience

I rest in the Almighty

my fashioned ideas give way to

promises and precepts

my Alpha and Omega of creation

the foundation of my thoughts

what will I do,~

with my portion of grace?

such opportunities

with no perchance

I continue living by faith

an overcomer

in His good pleasure!


Kathy J Snow