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Kathy J Snow author, writer, poet, singer songwriter, and licensed floral designer, she is passionate when reflecting the mirror image of one’s life experiences. Kathy is fervent in excavating the poetry out of the simplicity of nature, and also enjoys photography on her travels with her husband Bruce to the East Coast of Central Newfoundland Canada. Every summer in return Newfoundland’s bounty of breathtaking scenery is gracious in stimulating her writings.

Born and raised in northern Ontario, at nine years while attending bible camp, accepting the Lord as my personal Saviour I knew there were promises ahead of my young life! I was so blessed to have been able to take in the breath taking wilderness, fortunate to preview first hand the greatness and splendor of the northern lights dancing in the clear frozen winter skies; feeling the warm summer breeze as it played in the leaves of the beautiful tall poplars, privileged to preview natures canvas of spectacular fall colors portrayed in reflections of the beautiful northern lakes!

Inspired by all these wonderful blessings of God’s grand creation, I have  penned some of her most treasured memoirs her book “Pebbles and Blessings”  and also in my Country Gospel music, in hopes to encourage all hearts to find solace in their own “Pebbles and Blessings” of life!


Kathy J Snow

Follow me and my writings on Twitter @KathyJSnow

Emails are also welcomed at kathyjsnow@gmail.com





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