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Pebbles and Blessings celebrates the New Year!

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The series “Seasons of the Heart & Soul” Daily Devotionals! 

 Spring ~ Summer ~ Autumn ~ Winter


Books of daily scripture, poetry, prayer, and nature photography for all four seasons!


Seasons in our lives can be both challenging and rewarding; through prayer and devotion we can be encouraged and filled with hope!


Follow the seasons of His graces along with Kathy and her words of encouragement in “Seasons of the Heart & Soul”


By His grace we follow HIs footprints through the journey of life!


“Seasons of the Heart & Soul” Springtime will be available for digital download February 2014!


“May a heart be blessed & a soul refreshed”


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with love ~ health ~ happiness and blessings!


“May we sing His praises & write of His graces”







❀ April 17 ❀


Mark 14 : 36


And He said, Abba, father all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.



Last night I lay asleep

with Golgotha in my dreams,

a crimson deep stained vision

as I heard the voices scream.


To shut them out I walked awhile

through the garden with my Lord,

I tried to wipe away His tears

as sweat drops of blood were poured.


I heard Him pray let this pass

but nevertheless thou wilt,

my heart was torn I tried to pray

but was shrouded with the guilt.


In my dream He looked at me

embraced my heart with meaning,

I’ve come to save for which was lost

the blood of Lamb redeeming!



Dear Lord thank you for your saving grace. Thank you for giving us the gift of Calvary; where you shed your precious blood to save my soul. I pray you will continue to guide my life as I strive to follow your footprints through my life’s journey. I pray your will be done. 

In Jesus precious name,



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To Possibilities in 2014

To all my dear family & friends,

I will be taking a week off to recharge rejuvenate and refresh. 🙂 Looking forward to coming back to a New year ~ filled with positive purpose and wonderful new aspirations! May we all remember to sing His praises & write of His graces! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year! Blessings and best wishes in 2014 


My Christmas Prayer


This old earth it bears the load

from famines feast and kings,

to cover all its pleas and needs

would need a pair of angels wings.


On bended knee I come to Thee

for all whom may require ~

the loving hand of warmth and grace

from Thy throne their hearts desire.


The homeless and the weary souls

warm their hands I pray,

supply their needs and cheer their heart

be with them Lord this day.


God bless the little children dear

from near and far I pray,

the ones without a mom or dad

with no words of love convey.


Protect them from the evil wiles

shield them with Thy love,

hold them fast within your grace

send favours from above.


Bless the young and aged too

guide them with your tender hand,

uplift the ones with heavy burdens

reminding of the promise land.


Bless the ones who fight for country

and the ones who wait at home,

comfort them with hymns of faith

encourage the ones who feel alone.


These words I pray come from my heart

I send them now with faith believe ~

according to your word dear Lord

upon this day they shall they receive.


I humbly ask in Jesus name

for on this Christmas day,

that all mankind be blessed with HOPE

may each soul be saved I pray.


Your humble servant








Countdown Continues (Treasured Blue birds)

My countdown capture today is a reflection from the poem “The Gift” I posted yesterday! For those of my family & friends that read it, and recognize the photo with the smile in the clouds….well ~ these are the blue birds! ( also a treasured gift) Have a wonderful Saturday and drive safe. 


The Gift (Precious Memories)

Thanking God for the gift of memory.

Through this precious gift, my heart can

still see,hear,feel,and embrace the wonderful ~ treasures of my childhood.


Today my heart remembered…



childhoods past


in summers 

sweet green grass

lazily walking 

through fields of wheat

feeling the touch

cool earth on my feet


Untroubled laughter

still winged in the air

carried away  

by bluebirds so fare

the songs ~ the carefree

rest in the clouds

released gentle rains

bring rainbows aloud


Splashes of dreams

still ripple in lakes

carried by driftwood

my heart it awakes

reflections in ripples

bless me in poem

through arbor of verse

softly I roam


Sun-kissed days

still shine through greys

stealing small doubts

vining the way

warmth of small smiles

that melt ice of fear

feeling the love

bringing memories near



this season

embossed in snowflakes

a gift from my Saviour

His purpose ~ no mistakes  

chapters of life

He allows me to share

carefully chosen

gift wrapped with care




In loving memory of my dear “Grandma and Grandpa Peters” who brought to life so many beautiful bright rainbows in my childhood! Merry Christmas! I love and miss you both!

Making connection

What are your reasons for writing ~ sharing your heart words? Be blessed and encouraged by these reasons of one of Christ’s faithful followers. God bless!

Poetry Joy

It’s often hard to analyse the creative process.

There are probably as many reasons to write as there are writers.

In thinking about why I write, several ideas sprang to mind.

The most important one for me is that I sense God is asking me to express myself this way, and all the more the longer I live.

Other reasons?

Well… here are a few…in no particular order of importance.

1) I just can’t help myself ~ It’s an urge deep within that cries out to be addressed and cannot be ignored.

2) I love to make connection points with others ~ soul to soul ~ to offer encouragement, support and hope.

3) It makes me come alive on the inside ~ enables me to feel free in a life that’s otherwise limited and constrained by illness.

4) To leave a heritage ~ a footprint in the sands of time with…

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Birthday Blessings (No Greater Gift)

Shout out ~ shout out

the sounding JOY

in a manger

a baby boy


Hark I hear

the angels wings

PEACE on earth

is what they sing


I hear the bells

they tell a story

our precious Saviour

comes in GLORY


No greater gift

beneath the tree




Birthday blessings

to our king

for His GRACE

our praises ring!




Weight of glory

Words woven with our Saviour’s love and heartfelt verse. Thank you Joy!

Poetry Joy

One of the most amazing things about the Christmas story is how everyday people are invited in to share the special occasion.

So few were even aware of the Messiah’s arrival or had paid attention to the signs along the way.

A privileged few were insiders and participants in the greatest story ever told ~ God come to earth to take on our full humanity.

These bystanders may have felt the weight of glory surrounding them as angels sang and heaven rejoiced.

Been overwhelmed by it all.

Yet even they were strangers to the full implication of the Incarnation.

How Jesus would become sin for us on the cross.

Give His life as a ransom for many.

Die the death we deserved that we may inherit His eternal life to come.

This year, as we read the familiar Bible passages, see a school nativity perhaps or watch a film on…

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