Life (Reflections of Calvary)

Brisk Autumn winds

encourages golden leaves

earth embraces their flight

Chill in the air

coats the heart

like wall of stone to crumble

Steps are heard

through the graveyard

of yesterdays thoughts

I close the gate

to turn aside

yore doubts of faith

An arbor of Psalm

welcomes my soul

breathing in new life

Reflections of Him

now expose my being

with yielding prayer

I cling to Calvary


Psalm 16:11

Thou wilt shew  me the path of life:

in they presence is fulness of joy,

at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.


Jordan’s Kiss (The Yearning)

Yearning of life a journeys end

the winding of the road,

No more burden I bare His yoke

freed from toil ~ sins dense load!

I crave eternal I long for peace ~

existence only in His love,

I drop the flesh ~ earthly garment

on chariot of grace I rise above!

Untarnished hopes now scale the wall

life’s hurtles but a mist,

lungs of life that once lay dormant

with dew of Jordan have been kissed!

Kathy J Snow©

James 4:14

Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life?

It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.(NKJV)

We do not know what tomorrow holds…

With soulful prayer ~ humble faithful servant of His word I will continue…

Encouraging hearts today! My prayer is …

“May a heart be blessed ~ a soul refreshed”

“I plan today what maybe tomorrow

Not knowing what it may bring,

And live each day as if the last

With careful flight I’ll spread my wings” KJS©

Jordan's Kiss 

Mask of Doubt (Armor of Simplicity)

Moving a mountain is no easy task

To stumble on ones unbelief creates a doubting mask,

Faith is the substance of things not yet perceived

Your strength circumstantial on the brink to deceive!


Doubting ~ thus a lack in faith can deal

Impossible, for in confidence to say it is real,

Free ones heart from worries and fears

Embrace ~ grasping unrealities of hope with tears.


Simple is ones faith, a prayer of design

Its possibilities infinite and creates no space of time,

Clasped to realities ones trust to hope and prayer

Thus a product of unbelief should a soul to even dare?


No greater gift can one bestow to ones heart believe

The power of our mighty God through this one can achieve!

The simple trust of faith and prayer ones armor for the day

Will move that mountain great or small along life’s weary way!

Kathy J Snow©



Hebrew 4:16 – Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace,

that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.



It has come to my attention, that I think the possibilities of missing out, are happening!

In not taking the time or effort to click on a fellows “about” I found I missed a  huge blessing of encouragement.

The “about” is filled with attributes of a writer ~ poet. In sharing their sometimes stepping stones of this life ~ and how they have overcome, can not only give an insight to their style and inspiration of writing, but it can also lead the reader to a fountain of blessings.

A fountain of blessings, this is what I found when I clicked this “about”! I have been both touched and uplifted by your desires as a writer ~ a dedicated servant of His love.

My prayer is your prayer.

Blessings my fellow writer and friend.

Included in this “about” was this lovely poem!

Poetry is..

A living letter

open wound and heart

for all to view and marvel at

then move on changed

A fusion of thoughts

melding of minds

union of souls

pure alchemy


Morning Stars

Where were you, when the morning stars together sang?

Shouting with JOY!


He has given understanding to my heart ~ bless the Lord!

Unworthy of his mercy ~ He loves me!


Common flesh and bone ~ stumbling, mistakes,

Oh the hill of Golgotha ~ such love He gave his only son!


In his thoughts and on his mind ~ the nails driven in,

What glorious mystery is this?


Redemption, salvation ~ bless the Lord!

Sinner saved by grace!


His word, life ~ attributes of Christ,

Expressed now by daughters and sons of God!



Simplicity (The Chapel)

I realize once I bare my soul I am leaving the door wide open; will it change the way I feel?  Not likely! The most important constraint is to be honest with ones self revealing the hidden truth behind every corner, leaving no stone unturned.

Throughout my years of church attendance it was not by conviction or feeling the need, it began as a household rule, a sentence that quickly turned into years of unhappiness, doubt, and compressing any bit of faith my soul had worked so hard to gain, and then quickly engulfing my life with fear – neither a solid foundation for a relationship with God or church attendance, it took  years for me to see and realize that not all churches were like this.

Years passed and the excitement and fulfillment I once felt asking the Lord into my heart as a little girl was so concealed the thought of uncovering the miracle was not even on my hearts radar. The simplicity of being a Christian no longer existed, in its place was heavy fear, unhappiness, no self esteem, no sense of belonging, and always searching for a way out; the opposite of what I was taught as a little girl at Bible camp where I received the Lord as my personal Saviour. How could I be a shining light and encourage others when my light was dimmed by man made rules, dress codes, and others convictions?

Through years of pain, unwanted pathways that lead to depression and no confidence in my walk with God; I now have so many testimonies of trials and how the wonderful Lord brought me through, in such ways I would have never imagined! Through the Love of God He has taught me that it is a personal walk, living in someone else’s convictions and interpretations just evolves you in circles of legalism, fear, and an unfulfilling Christian walk.

I have such peace in my heart that no earthly tabernacle can take away, my communion  is personal with my Lord and Saviour! God knows my heart, I live to praise HIs name and encourage others by the wonderful gifts He has so graciously bestowed upon my life.

This is my own personal testimony and has no bearing on others beliefs and attendance  of church. I trust this will only encourage one to walk closer to God and live for Christ and not others.

The Chapel

I open the doors to the tabernacle of my being

He creates in me a veil of truth,

Sets my spirit soaring with promise

Takes me through the gateway to my soul.


My place of worship I meet with my Lord

The chapel of my heart rings with praises,

Within my closet I pray to Thee oh God

My body my spirit is yours to glorify!


We embrace with sweet communion

My obedience is my worship,

I offer up to Thee my being my gifts

Use me to shine forth as light.


The shadow of my existence reveals Thy truths

I find Thee not in man made structure,

You are the foundation the cornerstone of my life

In Thee I only exist my place of rest.

Kathy J Snow©