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Alone ( Perceptions)

Alone in weeping ore one’s own trials

Who was there to comfort by way of smiles?

Amidst the dark and gloom of defeat

Who was there to guide thy feet?


When it seemed that no one cared

Who was there with love to share?

And when the breaking of heart was too much,

Someone came with that splendid touch!


While life’s road took turns and hills

Who was there with strength to fill?

Could it be at times one’s will to live ~

Struggles and grief was all could give?


Could one’s perception of trials and grief 

Be clouded with delusion of desired relief?

When now and then caused one’s own shame

From wrong decisions one is only to blame?


Kathy J Snow©


Psalm 103 : 13-14

The Lord is like a father to his children,

    tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

For he knows how weak we are;

    he remembers we are only dust. (NLT)





10 thoughts on “Alone ( Perceptions)

  1. So thankful that we don’t have to face our trials alone, even if we may feel like we do at times. Thank you for this lovely reminder, Kathy, of God’s hand upon our lives! Bless you 🙂 x

  2. How right you are, Kathy, that in those times of despair we bring about and create for ourselves by our stubborn self-will, still He is always there in the midst. Too often, we miss seeing His all-sufficient and faithful ways as He quietly brings us through it, distracted as we are by our own cries and our insistence that He take us out of the trouble instead of through it. You’re onto something big, something monumental here, if only we can grasp the import of it…if only we can remember what we have learned of His ways the next time we find ourselves in the midst of troubles again. Thank you!

    • Neil, first of all thank you, for visiting and reading! Second, another thank you, for your inspirational words.

      We can say He is “sufficient” we can write He is “sufficient” but do we truly grasp the revelation if this wonderful promise?

      I know I struggle with this, thus the poem.

      Your reply in return has blessed me.

      Thank you my friend.

  3. I am forever grateful I don’t walk alone and My Heavenly Father is with me even in the midst of messes I am responsible for making he is there to show me how to “escape” shake the dust off , tidy up the issues, to arise and shine again, to go on with Him by my side.

    • Thank you, Maxine for stopping by! YES “forever grateful” He is the one with the “smile” the Shepherd who guides “thy feet” it is our LORD who is always there to “comfort” and “strengthen” us!
      We just need to reach out to Him. He is always there! We are never “Alone”
      You are quite right ~ it is us humans who create the “dust” thanking the Lord for His patience and GRACE!
      Appreciate your beautiful encouraging words Maxine.
      My friend 🙂

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