The Great Lady Blue Heron

Her sinuous neck silhouettes

against the evening sky

as she progresses with determination

towards the waters of self reflection

Her reflection silent and unmoving,

stares calmly back at her.

What does she see? – past conflicts and ruffled feathers

but bids a peaceful, and proud independence

She evaluates her state

with a contemplative mind

determines her self and spiritual worth

eliminating all distractions of earthly life

The great blue heron has flown into the sun

her choice of flight inscribed on her heart

she wings her way to her realm of election

and there finds peace within her love


The Absolute (He Knoweth ALL Things)

are all the
hidden bruises ~
left behind
silent crosses ~
engrained with
and pain

are all the
inner thoughts ~
taken residence
hearts theory ~
and conclusions

are all the
silent songs ~
unsung melodies
with LIFE ~
and contentment

There is HOPE, for He knoweth all things.
There is GRACE for His mercy endureth forever.
There is LOVE for on Calvary I was on His mind.


He Knoweth All Things

Portraying Positive Purpose

Portraying Positive Purpose



Staying refueled in strength and faith can be somewhat challenging as we venture through this earthly realm. So many various storms can rock our boat on the sea of life, but the KEY is to stay committed to our Captain. Placing trust, faith, and your will in the Lord’s hands is the best avenue to restoring emotional peace. This peace that passeth all understanding will calm the angry waves of doubt…..

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Focal Point (Life’s Inspiration)

Who Inspires You?

What is your life ~ your souls Focal Point?


Do you ever feel your ambition level  is not reaching its plateau of possibilities, and your potential of positive writing experience is not measuring on the progress scale? Maybe life in general is lacking beauty and sparkle of creativity. Are you in a routine rut? Triviality of everyday life just might be empowering the wrong energy.


Let’s take a look at ambition levels, let’s measure positive actions that have or haven’t become reality. A little soul searching just might be in order! 


*Is your spiritual life ~ well being in order? 

*What is your purpose in life? 

*Is He your purpose?


When the Holy spirit is welcomed into a willing soul, a life long companion of grace is waiting to inspire! Being one with the Father will both empower and release a true freedom, causing adventurous flights of faith! These adventures can be overflowing with motivation, causing ones heart to brim with happiness, and spill over creating journals of encouragement! 


Just remember you don’t want to be looking back on missed opportunities of being liberated by the Holy spirit! Live your life to the fullest with your guide, your LIFE companion! The Great Emancipator, the Inspiration of life and writing. 


Ephesians 1:11

Living Bible (TLB)

  Moreover, because of what Christ has done, we have become gifts to God that he delights in, for as part of God’s sovereign plan we were chosen from the beginning to be his, and all things happen just as he decided long ago.



What makes life unique?

It’s the heart that shares the tale

happenings ~ chapters

the journey

trials ~ temptations.


What makes existence unique?

It’s the soul that shares the tale

faith ~ assurance

the plateau

prayer ~ grace.



What makes creation unique?

It’s the Creator that tells the tale

Alpha ~ Omga

the Author

salvation ~ life


What makes life unique?

It’s the hearts focal point that tells the tale!






Purpose (Dawn of Grace)



Morning of life

dawn of grace

fill me now

with song 


let harmony



chorus of love 



of mercy

my heart

has found


Certain in faith

HIs presence real


appointed life


Rapturous trust

perfect in love

take over

my given soul
















Hearts Desire (Dreams that are to be)

The heart strolls

through Autumn paths

scuffling through fallen leaves

scattered thoughts

drift through the mind

of a love that

holds no exceptions

knowing that every

breath is determined

journeys mapped

planned with purpose

crisp brittle leaves

dissolve with steps

reminds the heart

not to borrow

from tomorrows sorrow

all is required

is what to live for

so simple

is hearts desire

for all dreams

that are to be

calmly rest

within the Master’s hands



Vision (Journeys of Yesterday)

Where is your heart trapped within

By gone times and forever past sins?

Or treasured memories from remarkable days

From fresh new beginnings and unsullied ways?


With anticipation seize the day!

Opportunity is now gazing your way,

Open the door to endless vision

Never give in to faintness provision.


Dreams come true its purpose not to defeat

Journeys of yesterday turn into retreats,

Success in only what life that we make

For tomorrow is yesterday full of mistakes.