Hearts Desire (Dreams that are to be)

The heart strolls

through Autumn paths

scuffling through fallen leaves

scattered thoughts

drift through the mind

of a love that

holds no exceptions

knowing that every

breath is determined

journeys mapped

planned with purpose

crisp brittle leaves

dissolve with steps

reminds the heart

not to borrow

from tomorrows sorrow

all is required

is what to live for

so simple

is hearts desire

for all dreams

that are to be

calmly rest

within the Master’s hands



Remnants of Grace (God Will Provide)

Masquerade whispering faces

a costume for the heart

unveils painted smiles of torment


Veil of grey colored snow

a cloak around the soul

protects fragile prayers of sorrow


Will pliant like golden wheat

bended by Autumn winds

submission an expression of being


Intercession releases corralled feelings

a portal to absolution

no longer resistant faith takes the lead


Moving shadows confuse the heart

but light gives way to victory

mask of uncertainty dissolves


Painted smiles are washed away

from rain of glory skies

true countenance now revealed


Veil torn remnants of grace

His attributes pour from the soul

He is Jehovah! His child rejoices!






“The LORD Will Provide.” Jehovah, the name doesn’t directly commemorate a past occurrence or circumstance; it anticipates  future actions. He Will fill the skies with glory! He Will turn your prayers of sorrow into prayers of thankfulness and joy! When you go through your times of resistance remember, surrendering your soul breaks through the veil, where Love~Mercy~Grace are just a breath of FAITH away!

Valley of Victory

Today I felt the burning sands 

the desert before the valley


My heart existent feeling scorched 

lay charred by broken embers


Lost within mirage of trust

my soul lay barren of hope


Valley of prayer now draws me in

as life continues to press


Weary soul gives way to HIM

amidst the valley cooling waters 


Through earthly defeat and losing self

my soul now claims the win


With battle of thoughts now at an end

the soul drinks deep of victory


Today I felt the burning sands

the desert before my valley






Tender Footings

Nickels and dimes of worries 

scatter like leaves of the white birch


Water droplets on still oak leaves 

dance in delight at our footsteps


Rushing river steals smiles 

carrying them to our laughing brook of tomorrows


Song of the chick-a-dee guides our passage

through splendor scope of God’s creation


Thirsty for fellowship ~ bonding 

quenched by promise of the bee’s quaffing 


Hidden caves beneath the rivers 

explored with tender footings


Weight of captures around our necks 

released by magnification 

of God’s love through nature


Bluejays wings keep time

with melody of heart to heart


Footsteps never to be forgotten 

vanish within earths soil of time


 Kathy J Snow©





Seasons of the Heart

The Northern lights 

they call her home


Cry of the wolf 

forlorn he weeps for her


Stars are brilliant with life 

awaiting her return


The frozen north anticipates 

new breath of life


Warm summer breeze 

longs to caress her face


Pulling her back

to familiar senses ~ beings of once a time


Sun kisses northern lakes 

in hopes to glimmer the eye


Ache – is strong it pulls the heart 

towards the country of sunsets


Tis autumn leaves brilliant 

with spectacular shades


Time is short 

the chill of winter is lurking 


Drawing closer with every eve

restless turns anxious


Will the heart make it 

back in time?


Whistling wind brings first snowfall 

with flurry it arrives!


A blanket of fresh white linen

covers earth to keep it warm


Reflection dancing lights 

twinkle in brilliance against the snow,


For shadows of footprints

 not seen by naked eye 


Drifting satisfying from the wind

the soul has come home 


She has made it safe 

no more her heart will roam!


Kathy J Snow©


Echoes (The Last Test)

I walk the halls retracing steps

Distorted boards where feet once crept,

Where portraits of life once draped the walls

Bartered for dust to cushion their fall.

Sense of voice as once filled the air

In its place ghostly figures now congregate there,

Memories are haunting as time now stands still

Echoes of burden through the air send a chill.

As I slip through the pane broken glass of time

Without Looking back forgetting the crime,

Now once called for the soul is at rest

I break through the realm it’ s over the last test.