The Golden Years? (Stairways of Silent Tears)

2 Timothy 2:3 (NLV)

Take your share of suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.


God bless our dear #seniors who have given their lives and have sacrificed so much to raise their families. Seniors need our #love, #care and #companionship. Let us all remember, if the Lord terries one day we to will be a #senior.


Through aged eyes they see strangers,
where is the family that they have borne?

Long hallways of endless panels,
take the place of delightful garden paths

longing for companionship,
an endless stairway of silent tears

The desire to visit the old homestead,
in its place just shadows of the past

Days and weeks blend into years,
happiness fading into loneliness

Gnarled hands that yearn for touch,
once worked hard to raise a family

Straining for sound of child’s footsteps…
only voices of the past linger in their mind

Dear souls who gave so much, now are given less, 
where is the family that they have borne?

So much is taken but how much is given?
love~respect~honour-! this is their right, is their cry

Todays ~ tomorrows turn into yesterdays~
memories they ache to share

Tenderly with helplessness their hearts cry out,
just take a moment~ can you spare a minute?

Through aged eyes they see strangers
Oh where is the family that they have borne?


Stairs of Silent Tears


Ephesians 6:2 (KJV)

Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;


These years of the elderly, are so fragile and a time in life when they need to be surrounded by #love #family #support #affection and #kindness,. Don’t let their last years of life slip away being left alone left with a “stairway of silent tears” #Help remove the shackles of loneliness and neglect, and replace them with compassion and embrace time spent with them.

God bless


The Absolute (He Knoweth ALL Things)

are all the
hidden bruises ~
left behind
silent crosses ~
engrained with
and pain

are all the
inner thoughts ~
taken residence
hearts theory ~
and conclusions

are all the
silent songs ~
unsung melodies
with LIFE ~
and contentment

There is HOPE, for He knoweth all things.
There is GRACE for His mercy endureth forever.
There is LOVE for on Calvary I was on His mind.


He Knoweth All Things

Portraying Positive Purpose

Portraying Positive Purpose



Staying refueled in strength and faith can be somewhat challenging as we venture through this earthly realm. So many various storms can rock our boat on the sea of life, but the KEY is to stay committed to our Captain. Placing trust, faith, and your will in the Lord’s hands is the best avenue to restoring emotional peace. This peace that passeth all understanding will calm the angry waves of doubt…..

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To Possibilities in 2014

To all my dear family & friends,

I will be taking a week off to recharge rejuvenate and refresh. 🙂 Looking forward to coming back to a New year ~ filled with positive purpose and wonderful new aspirations! May we all remember to sing His praises & write of His graces! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year! Blessings and best wishes in 2014 


No Need!

A lot of times we get so discouraged ~ down in the dumps! We get ourselves in a rut so deep, that are feet get stuck in doubts and dismays! We forget to count our blessings! Who likes being in a rut? I know I don’t!

I never grow tired of this verse!

Joshua 1:9 – Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Today I want to reverse the charges! I will look through eyes  of faith and strength! I will say…

I owed a debt I couldn’t pay,
But He paid my debt He did not owe,
Christ Jesus washed all my sins away!
My heart sings today!
“Amazing Grace” oh how sweet the sound!
My Jesus paid my debt,
That I could never pay!

So I ask you …

Poor in spirit?

NO NEED ~ You are royalty, a child of the KING!

Debt of sin?

NO NEED ~ Jesus paid it all!

Battles to fight?

NO NEED ~  Your victory rests with the Lord!


NO NEED ~ He hath stood in the gap!

Tears of sorrow?

NO NEED ~ He wept the bitter tears in the garden!

Lost in this world?

NO NEED ~ The GREAT Shepherd is here to guide you!


NO NEED ~ For God so loved the world he gave his only son!

Wrong way?

NO NEED ~ He will set your feet upon the path of righteousness!


NO NEED ~ He hideth your soul in the cleft of the rock!


NO NEED ~ His eye is on the sparrow and he watches over you!


NO NEED ~ Read the book of Job!


NO NEED ~ There are two sets of footprints! You only see one? I am sure you felt His arms around you as you were carried through your trial.

Blessings my friends!

Kathy J Snow©


One Man’s Treasure

The old man leans upon the fence and ponders for a time

He gazes at the well worn gate as if it were a mime,

The crooked oak that shades the knoll a soldier standing guard

Protects the shed that once stood proud but now a ruin of chard.


The old man sighs and lifts an eye toward the open sky

He rubs his chin and shakes his head within does wonder why,

Years of toil and calloused hands reminder of the plow

What in turn was ones earned pay but sweat upon the brow.


The old man slowly turns perception toward the old farm place

Bows his head in mindful prayer for thanks to run the race,

No earthly wealth was his to own but work for what achieved

Grace thee old man’s fortune t’ was how that he believed!


Kathy J Snow©