The Visit

Through glass they view

the skies of blue

that turn to shades

of gloomy hues


Down long halls

encased grey walls

which hold the rails

that brace their falls


Beyond the doorway

shadows of ghosts

that linger awhile

to encourage and boast


Have they escaped 

this prison of age

their souls still restless

bound by this cage


Release their bondage

shatter the spell

this visit of kin

the final farewell



As an advocate for seniors our dear elderly, I encourage and admonish, your dear loved ones need an advocate, they need to have frequent family visits; for one day it will be you sitting wondering waiting, peering through panes of glass, looking through doorways, will they come today?

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The Great Lady Blue Heron

Her sinuous neck silhouettes

against the evening sky

as she progresses with determination

towards the waters of self reflection

Her reflection silent and unmoving,

stares calmly back at her.

What does she see? – past conflicts and ruffled feathers

but bids a peaceful, and proud independence

She evaluates her state

with a contemplative mind

determines her self and spiritual worth

eliminating all distractions of earthly life

The great blue heron has flown into the sun

her choice of flight inscribed on her heart

she wings her way to her realm of election

and there finds peace within her love


Looking Through The Glass

Buried deep within the glass
just beyond their reach
tiny bubbles trapped inside
form a world of mind and matter

Surface cracks just minor detail
fabricating lurking peril
future craters hold dark shadows
uncertainty of what lies ahead

Deception is its beauty
reflecting imagery mirage of hope
beveled edge that hold the prayers
tortured souls no longer cope


Final stages of dementia are frightening and in stark reality cruel.
In the fleeting moments one can offer love comfort through
soothing prayer, songs, and whispers of “all is well” as the tired
soul crosses over. Although the weary soul might not be able to respond in voice,
I believe with all my heart they can hear they feel the love, and whisper in their heart amen.


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The Golden Years? (Stairways of Silent Tears)

2 Timothy 2:3 (NLV)

Take your share of suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.


God bless our dear #seniors who have given their lives and have sacrificed so much to raise their families. Seniors need our #love, #care and #companionship. Let us all remember, if the Lord terries one day we to will be a #senior.


Through aged eyes they see strangers,
where is the family that they have borne?

Long hallways of endless panels,
take the place of delightful garden paths

longing for companionship,
an endless stairway of silent tears

The desire to visit the old homestead,
in its place just shadows of the past

Days and weeks blend into years,
happiness fading into loneliness

Gnarled hands that yearn for touch,
once worked hard to raise a family

Straining for sound of child’s footsteps…
only voices of the past linger in their mind

Dear souls who gave so much, now are given less, 
where is the family that they have borne?

So much is taken but how much is given?
love~respect~honour-! this is their right, is their cry

Todays ~ tomorrows turn into yesterdays~
memories they ache to share

Tenderly with helplessness their hearts cry out,
just take a moment~ can you spare a minute?

Through aged eyes they see strangers
Oh where is the family that they have borne?


Stairs of Silent Tears


Ephesians 6:2 (KJV)

Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;


These years of the elderly, are so fragile and a time in life when they need to be surrounded by #love #family #support #affection and #kindness,. Don’t let their last years of life slip away being left alone left with a “stairway of silent tears” #Help remove the shackles of loneliness and neglect, and replace them with compassion and embrace time spent with them.

God bless


To Possibilities in 2014

To all my dear family & friends,

I will be taking a week off to recharge rejuvenate and refresh. 🙂 Looking forward to coming back to a New year ~ filled with positive purpose and wonderful new aspirations! May we all remember to sing His praises & write of His graces! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year! Blessings and best wishes in 2014 


Little Brown Bird

Reading of “Little Brown Bird” from Kathy’s book, Pebbles and Blessings of Life.

Little Brown Bird


Footsteps ~ on the walkway

vibrations tremble the toy brownish feathers,

Unaware of tiny creature laying lifeless on the wayside

Approaching now I hesitate to look in fear there is no song.


Little brown bird where is your home,

did you stray and strife came upon thee?


No flight for thy wings upon the wind

Tears fill my soul,

I sense presence of taking, withdraw leftover life

I survey the hawk, it circles waiting for me to pass.


Little brown bird what was your song,

doth your melody linger in the trees?


Footsteps ~ on the walkway

a passerby, a glance at death,

No comment, I admire thought within, and keep mine tucked inside.

Steps now distance me from the crime.


Little brown bird when will it be,

conclusion of ending what happened to thee?


Little brown bird!



Kathy J Snow©






Ivories that stretch for miles

In my dreams they bring me smiles,

Ebonies black, black as night

In my dreams take wings of flight.


I feel the pulse as fingertips draw near

To caressing keys that are tuned to ear,

Note upon note and layered in song

I know it’s where my heart belongs!


Reflections of melodies from heart to strings

Burst from my soul as the seven foot rings,

Fingers unite through innocence of white

From dreams to reality pure heavenly delight.


Kathy J Snow©