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The Gift (Precious Memories)

Thanking God for the gift of memory.

Through this precious gift, my heart can

still see,hear,feel,and embrace the wonderful ~ treasures of my childhood.


Today my heart remembered…



childhoods past


in summers 

sweet green grass

lazily walking 

through fields of wheat

feeling the touch

cool earth on my feet


Untroubled laughter

still winged in the air

carried away  

by bluebirds so fare

the songs ~ the carefree

rest in the clouds

released gentle rains

bring rainbows aloud


Splashes of dreams

still ripple in lakes

carried by driftwood

my heart it awakes

reflections in ripples

bless me in poem

through arbor of verse

softly I roam


Sun-kissed days

still shine through greys

stealing small doubts

vining the way

warmth of small smiles

that melt ice of fear

feeling the love

bringing memories near



this season

embossed in snowflakes

a gift from my Saviour

His purpose ~ no mistakes  

chapters of life

He allows me to share

carefully chosen

gift wrapped with care




In loving memory of my dear “Grandma and Grandpa Peters” who brought to life so many beautiful bright rainbows in my childhood! Merry Christmas! I love and miss you both!


One thought on “The Gift (Precious Memories)

  1. Lovely lyrical words stirred by precious memories! I particularly like, “Sun-kissed days ~ still shine through greys ~ stealing small doubts ~ viniing the way ~ ” for its imagery and also for its apparent revealing of your own attitude to life as seen in your creative outpourings.

    Kathy, you strike me as one who endeavours to see the sunshine through the rain and the hope that lies on the other side of pain.

    Not all of life is as carefree as childhood seems (and not even then for many of us), but we can still make an effort to trace the rainbows and focus on blessings more than burdens (or pebbles, maybe?). Such seems to be your philosophy, my friend, ~ no doubt greatly shaped by having had these two wonderful people in your life! Blessings and love 🙂 xx

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