The Embrace

Sustain my heart 

with a long good bye

watching you leave 

till your shadow dissolves

into tears of longing 

oh… not to be left behind!


Weary eyes that

give way to rest

slipping into dreams

of yesterdays 

oh… familiar caresses! 

from one who went before


Oh…what is this! 

new life of watching

waiting and wondering

a world where 

days are echoed 

with such continual emptiness


Pleadings with prayer 

oh…God help me!

release my body

from this prison

filled with little dignity

and racked with pain and sorrow


Respect of a life 

the sword is raised

shrouded by heaviness

of grieving and death

oh…arms are lifted!

as breath turns into embrace




Photo compliments of Joyce Peters ❤

The Absolute (He Knoweth ALL Things)

are all the
hidden bruises ~
left behind
silent crosses ~
engrained with
and pain

are all the
inner thoughts ~
taken residence
hearts theory ~
and conclusions

are all the
silent songs ~
unsung melodies
with LIFE ~
and contentment

There is HOPE, for He knoweth all things.
There is GRACE for His mercy endureth forever.
There is LOVE for on Calvary I was on His mind.


He Knoweth All Things

Remnants of Grace (God Will Provide)

Masquerade whispering faces

a costume for the heart

unveils painted smiles of torment


Veil of grey colored snow

a cloak around the soul

protects fragile prayers of sorrow


Will pliant like golden wheat

bended by Autumn winds

submission an expression of being


Intercession releases corralled feelings

a portal to absolution

no longer resistant faith takes the lead


Moving shadows confuse the heart

but light gives way to victory

mask of uncertainty dissolves


Painted smiles are washed away

from rain of glory skies

true countenance now revealed


Veil torn remnants of grace

His attributes pour from the soul

He is Jehovah! His child rejoices!






“The LORD Will Provide.” Jehovah, the name doesn’t directly commemorate a past occurrence or circumstance; it anticipates  future actions. He Will fill the skies with glory! He Will turn your prayers of sorrow into prayers of thankfulness and joy! When you go through your times of resistance remember, surrendering your soul breaks through the veil, where Love~Mercy~Grace are just a breath of FAITH away!

Valley of Victory

Today I felt the burning sands 

the desert before the valley


My heart existent feeling scorched 

lay charred by broken embers


Lost within mirage of trust

my soul lay barren of hope


Valley of prayer now draws me in

as life continues to press


Weary soul gives way to HIM

amidst the valley cooling waters 


Through earthly defeat and losing self

my soul now claims the win


With battle of thoughts now at an end

the soul drinks deep of victory


Today I felt the burning sands

the desert before my valley







What is victory a new name in glory

Or triumph through ones life’s journey story~

Is it winning the battles of one’s own defeat

Or bringing your trophies to Jesus feet?


What is victory overcoming this world of woe

Or winning the conflict against your foe ~

 Is it Victory through Jesus Christ our Lord

Or all your hearts treasures in one accord?


Victory through that perfect love divine

Or choices of pleasures with doubtful sublime ~

How simple is ones heart with victories of praise

But efforts of victories the questions are now raised?


Faith is one`s victory that over comes

Simplicity of peace and the battles that are won~

Victory is conquering ones own trials of defeat

Through the grace of Jesus Christ we shall sit at his feet!


Kathy J Snow©