Spring A New Song

(A New Song)

Frost chilled windows
embrace the sun
wash the sleep

from Winter’s eyes,

Awaken souls
caressed and kissed
by Heavens dew

alert the heart,

Promise of LIFE
resurrection proclaimed

as earths layers

redeem stubborn sod,

Victorious the bud

gives up to Spring

ablaze with colour

contributing canvas,

Brilliant finale

arrives with song

music on wings

from red breasted one,

Metaphor of Calvary

stirs the soul

attributes of grace

completes makes whole.

© Kathy J Snow

Spring Pantoum (Lighting the Lamp of Spring)

My heart lights the lamp of Spring

The flame of promise and poetry

Frequent metaphors words and pantoums

Continual blossoms fragrance anew


The flame of promise and poetry

Igniting brilliant colour of nature

Continual blossoms fragrance anew

Bursts with life on waiting parchment


Igniting brilliant colour of nature

Creations mirage quilled into vision

Bursts with life on waiting parchment

The vessel is blessed it has been used


Creations mirage now quilled into vision

From frequent metaphors words and pantoums

The vessel is blessed for it has been used

My heart lights the lamp of Spring!




Kathy J Snow



He Leadeth Me (Spring Daily Devotional)

❀ May 27 ❀



Psalm 13:5 (KJV)

 But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.



Wherever Thou leadeth I will follow

though thorns of tribulation press,

In Thee my soul I put my trust 

till evening waters tide shall crest.


Through passing clouds I feel Thy glory

I know Thy covenant secure

my soul’s salvation telling story

through vale of tears I shall endure!




 Though I walk through dim lit pathways, Your light continues to guide me. I have assurance in Thy promises ~ Your word will not return void.




Snippet of…

Seasons of the Heart & Soul 

Daily Devotional


Book One




Blessings & Encouragements

  Kathy J Snow



™Trademark of Pebbles and Blessings of Life



November Winds ( Cloak of Mercy)

Last of the leaves

cling to life

although the earth is calling

it’s chilled and needs

covers of colour

layered of warmth

a blanket of Autumn


Composed with ease

they flutter and dance

to the song 

of November winds

tis like my heart

when lit with love

it sings with grace


Winds of November

now bare the tree

branches now exposed 

vulnerable yet steadfast

perch for weary wings

graced by sparrows

celebrate given life 


Last of my will

clings to self

I hear the Saviour call

the chill of snare

in need of prayer

layered by faith

a blanket of strength


Winds of November

warm my soul

with promised slumber

 life born of spring

no chill extends 

the soul is cloaked

His mercy covers



Kathy J Snow©


Amos 4:13

For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind And declares to man what are His thoughts, He who makes dawn into darkness And treads on the high places of the earth, The LORD God of hosts is His name.