In Mourning

Shards of thoughts prick my feet
Onward I trudge through sorrows path
Confusion adds to the process of joys
My weary mind not up to the math

I complicate daily with minor details
Choking the life right out of the song
Existence is taken without ones permission
Is this the truth…did we ever belong?

Mistakenly I veer to the side of unknown
This realm is beyond comprehension
Believing in hope convinced in the faith
My soul is released of the tension




Mother’s Day Truths

Sunday is the official Mother’s Day, for me I celebrate my mom everyday, Love her! Miss her! and will never forget every second I was blessed to have her on this earth.

Today I met my mom
In her eyes I see my life
Her smile lit the candle of my heart
Her love breathed life into my soul




Samples of colour
splash my canvas
creating scenes
from glory palette
inspire to live
a giving life
to whom that
it was first given

Partake of thy soul
offer ones sacrifice
on the alter and
bend thy knee
pray to the God
from whence it came
refresh thy inner being

The Exchange

Find your compassion, feel the need, express your inner thoughtfulness, and find a dear soul to share it with.


Hold my hand and feel my life
the path though worn is there
Threads of memory still exist
tattered frayed and threadbare

Feel my heart ’tis broken and torn
do you have compassion?
Mend my soul with threads of gold
spun from interaction

Stay awhile to get a sense
why oft times I feel so lost
Now and then you’d never know
the heaviness of my cross

Bring a ray of sunshine with you
melt away the icy fears
Bestow me with the warmth of friendship
exchanging smiles instead of tears




Soul Cravings (Friday Blessings)

What is your hearts desire?

What does your soul crave for?



The ripples dance

as I step into

the river of life

I feel its life wash over my soul!


My lungs fill with song

as I inhale

refreshing winds

the breeze from the tree of life!


My heart beats with joy

as I walk 

with saints of old

the stories of His wonderful grace!


My soul is at rest

as I look

upon His face

the Emancipator of the redeemed!


This is my prayer

my hearts desire

what my soul longs for

a foretaste of heaven

will soon be reality!




Hush My Soul (Is This the Day?)

My eyes scan the clouds for His glory!

Is this the day that no man knoweth?


The soul is stirred by the words etched in my heart,

“This day be with me in paradise” 


Awaiting change, the earth aches to give up its dead, the sea awaits the trumpet to release souls from their watery grave!


Is this the day that no man knoweth?


 Tell me about the mark of the beast ~ they chant! Is it too late for weary souls?

Alas is the mercy seat barren?

Prayers ~ remove the stains from our robes! spotless white they must be!


Unworthy ~ undeserving of such astounding grace!

Hush my soul, claim thy worthiness!


Rapturous faith awakens reality ~ morning hath come!

Confessions as knees bowed in submission,

tongues declare “He is Lord”!


I am worthy!

I am worthy!


He hath stood in the gap!

The waves of mercy wash over my soul caressing my heart with grace!


Is this the day that no man knoweth?

 Kathy J Snow©


Flight (For Katie)

While strolling down a well worn path

Betwixt the tall jack pines,

Dreams and schemes and other things

Within this heart of mine.


No one knows this place I go

Tis secret from all but one,

Here is where I love to share

And where my soul doth run.


The rays of sun fall through the trees

Glittering dancing on the leaves,

My soul doth smile upon the light

All cares and fears have taken flight!