Countdown Continues!

The morning sun was just peeking over the roof tops ~ my hubby had just filled the feeders, and this little guy was so proud of his “sunflower seed”¬†Thought I would use him for my December 16th countdown! Have a GREAT Monday everyone! It’s a chilly -21 here in Burlington Ontario Canada! EH ūüôā



A Prayer for the Sparrow (God’s Love)

Dear Lord,


Please ~

 protect the little sparrow

for on this winter’s day,

he hides within the little spruce

concealed from all harms way!


Please ~

shield him from the bitter winds

against the stormy gale,

the cold wet snow that blows and blasts

oh offer him a safe warm dale!


Please ~

let him find the food I’ve left

to keep his belly filled,

for this my little gift I give

even though it’s frosty chilled.


Please ~

As the night begins to fall

and branches fill with snow,

help him find his way to rest

till morning light begins to glow







The Heart Goes Home For Christmas (Season’s of the Heart)

The Northern lights 

they call her home


Cry of the wolf 

forlorn he weeps for her


Stars are brilliant with life 

awaiting her return


The frozen north anticipates 

new breath of life


Warm summer breeze 

longs to caress her face


Pulling her back

to familiar senses ~ beings of once a time


Sun kisses northern lakes 

in hopes to glimmer the eye


Ache Рis strong it pulls the heart 

towards the country of sunsets


Tis autumn leaves brilliant 

with spectacular shades


Time is short 

the chill of winter is lurking 


Drawing closer with every eve

restless turns anxious


Will the heart make it 

back in time?


Whistling wind brings first snowfall 

with flurry it arrives!


A blanket of fresh white linen

covers earth to keep it warm


Reflection dancing lights 

twinkle in brilliance against the snow,


For shadows of footprints

 not seen by naked eye 


Drifting satisfying from the wind

the soul has come home 


She has made it safe 

no more her heart will roam!




Candy~cane Overture (Prelude to Christmas Morn)

Frosty streets 

merry children

frolic in the snow

icicles hang from stone

magical swords

that melt with warmth

tender is the heart


Crackling fire

glowing embers

delightful spray of light

flicker in eyes

enraptured children

with anticipation

for Christmas morn


Twinkling stars

ignite the sky

mystical their journey

fall with wishes

 hopes and dreams

float through streams

of the milky way


 Hasty goodnights

dreamy sleep tights

sugar plums and dance

collide in happy slumber

a sweet prelude

candy-cane overture

to a Merry Christmas