The young sapling

quivers under the weight

of the young robins song

luring me to the backyard 

of my daily life

that has become routine


For smell of April’s moist 

earth reaches my nostrils

and travels welcomely

to my tired lungs

filling them with hope 

thus promise of life 


Renewed in faith

as my rubber boots

smile with each step

leaving behind embossed

footprints of assurance

for others to follow


Blue skies reflect

this path I’ve chosen

an exclamation mark

that claims its reward

confirmation of expectation 

heavens embrace my prayers



Faith Beyond The Chains

No recognition in the brown of her eyes
i miss the touch of her voiced memories
one by one they vanish leaving me with sorrow
and her with outbursts fuelled by frustration

We continue to guess what may be the cause
surmise to bring small comforts
conclusions masked with bitter hurt
but there are no winners here at all

Endless hallways tiled with failed circumstances
fallen between the cracks awaiting fulfillment
become dormant part of the crumbled plaster
given up by the deteriorating walls of hope

Heavy chained to the demon
barred from reality there is no key
the lock corroded with prescriptions of
empty promises bandaids for remaining life



Dedicated to my dear mom who battled dementia for over 8 years, and went home to Glory July 5, 2017 on the wings of angels and a song by her 5 robins ❤




The Farewell

Summer skies evolve
into Autumn greys
extending limits
of no return

Chilly winds dictate
a cloak of caution
in return giving security
against uncertainties

Comforting glances
just remnants of fabric
past garments of familiar
caresses and smiles

Melodies of heaven
beckon a weary soul
stanzas reach between realms
constricted in earthly struggle

love gathers on every side
farewells channelled through
hearts and tears that release
robins song GRACE she is home







Spring Pantoum (Lighting the Lamp of Spring)

My heart lights the lamp of Spring

The flame of promise and poetry

Frequent metaphors words and pantoums

Continual blossoms fragrance anew


The flame of promise and poetry

Igniting brilliant colour of nature

Continual blossoms fragrance anew

Bursts with life on waiting parchment


Igniting brilliant colour of nature

Creations mirage quilled into vision

Bursts with life on waiting parchment

The vessel is blessed it has been used


Creations mirage now quilled into vision

From frequent metaphors words and pantoums

The vessel is blessed for it has been used

My heart lights the lamp of Spring!




Kathy J Snow



Countdown to Autumn

The countdown continues, with 6 more days to go!

Who doesn’t love the rich beauty of Autumn?

Golden crisp maple leaves ~ stunning as they cling to the chiselled branches of the mighty maple!

The beautiful robins enjoying the feast of ripened berries!

I have always thought that robins just ate worms!

This beautiful robin came back several times to enjoy these berries!