Promise of Prayer

Was prayer part of your New Years resolutions?


Prayer’s foundation ~ God’s assurance! Spiritual exercising ~ spiritual energy that makes way for God’s bounty of promises! 

God’s promises that bless our present, and our heavenly future!

My great Auntie always told me, “Promises are God’s golden fruit, just waiting to be picked by your hands of prayer” 

I pray God will bless and guide our lives and offerings of encouragement.


Sharing a prayer I wrote last year; a prayer that remains current in my everyday walk with God.


Dearest Jesus Saviour of mine

I know Thou art with me and I am thine,

You are the Potter and I the clay

Mould me and make me have Thine own way.


Dearest Jesus lover of my soul

Embrace my life and make me whole,

Complete me I pray and never let me stray

From the rock of ages the true gospel way.


Dearest Lord shepherd of my life

Guide me through life’s darkest strife,

Hold me fast to the cross I will cling

Amazing grace forever I will cling.


Dearest Redeemer my El Shaddai

Your praises I’l sing in the sweet by and by,

Forever to dwell in the city of Gold

Surrounded by family friends and saints of old.


Dearest Saviour now I see face to face

Beholding your glory your love I embrace,

Arm in arm with saints forever I will stroll

Immortal will I stand as eternity unfolds!