In Honour

Their tears fall 

on our cheeks through rain

as the families weep 

for the loss 

of their loved ones

poppies line the heart of hearts 

as there sacrifice 

marches through time

footprints of our soldiers 

etched in our souls 

as history floats by 

through winds of the eleventh hour…

Through song prayers and silence

We shall forever remember respect and honour



Loves Consolation

If I should go before thee love

I know twas meant to be,

I love thee more than life itself

I’ll be waiting there for thee!

Within your heart forever be

My love shall guard thy dreams,

I’ll come to you in dark of night

When sleep is robbed from thee.

No tears of sorrow fall for me

Thy heart cut like a knife,

My soul is free I’ll wait for thee

Beside the tree of life!

Kathy J Snow©


In honour of Remembrance Day. To all who lost their lives fighting for our country. To all who have lost someone , and waiting to meet them over yonder. To the young men and women who continue to serve and fight for freedem. May God bless and keep you.