The Farewell

Summer skies evolve
into Autumn greys
extending limits
of no return

Chilly winds dictate
a cloak of caution
in return giving security
against uncertainties

Comforting glances
just remnants of fabric
past garments of familiar
caresses and smiles

Melodies of heaven
beckon a weary soul
stanzas reach between realms
constricted in earthly struggle

love gathers on every side
farewells channelled through
hearts and tears that release
robins song GRACE she is home









A tossed nickel in an old dry well-

a wish for breath of inspiration!

The woods seem enchanted, 

trees of long ago welcome me embracing my spirit.


Ghosts of past curious to gain sense-

history trapped within the forest veins,

Trees are whispering the air is heavy with inspiration,

Sweet scent of verse clings to the red dust!


Retracing steps I feel reverence of the “Author”

years of layered dust cover footsteps.

Comforting blanket of soft meadows protect a gift,

with respect my soul unwraps the endowment.


Kathy J Snow©