A Christmas Story

A little girl was passing by

an old nativity

the paint was worn

and old wood chipped

the manger you could see

She walked right by

no giving thought

until she heard a song

she knew the tune

her grandma sang

twas where her heart belonged

Snow was softly falling

as she turned to take a look

beside the little manager

lay an old brown weathered book

its cover torn its pages worn

with gentle hands she took

and opened to a well used page

you could tell its faded look

She brushed the snow

from off the page

with tears that slowly fell

she closed her eyes

then hummed the tune

she knew the words so well

No care no worries

if one could see

she opened up her eyes

a little light was shining bright

her tears she quickly dried

For on the ground amidst the snow

she caught the softened  shadow

twas coming from the little manger

her faith now swiftly gathered

So plain to see within the shadow

stood the rugged cross

she clutched the book

and bowed her head

for she knew her soul was lost

Dear Lord she prayed

don’t pass me by

come in my heart to stay

I welcome you with open arms

don’t ever let me stray

Standing now she raised her head

for the heavens were aglow

and standing there in robe of white

was her grandma she loved so

Voices blended they praised and sang

oh glory to His name!

from on that hill so far away

where He bore my sin and shame…

“I will cling to the old rugged cross

and exchange it someday for a crown”



Exchanged (Thoughts of Calvary at Christmas)


of Christ’s love,


poetic verse



that we celebrate,


the lowly birth


Tinselled trees 

alas shine through,


coloured glass


Thus beneath

mortal adornment,


common wood



grateful heart,

o soul rejoice

thoughts of Calvary





Echoes (The Last Test)

I walk the halls retracing steps

Distorted boards where feet once crept,

Where portraits of life once draped the walls

Bartered for dust to cushion their fall.

Sense of voice as once filled the air

In its place ghostly figures now congregate there,

Memories are haunting as time now stands still

Echoes of burden through the air send a chill.

As I slip through the pane broken glass of time

Without Looking back forgetting the crime,

Now once called for the soul is at rest

I break through the realm it’ s over the last test.



Hush My Soul (Is This the Day?)

My eyes scan the clouds for His glory!

Is this the day that no man knoweth?


The soul is stirred by the words etched in my heart,

“This day be with me in paradise” 


Awaiting change, the earth aches to give up its dead, the sea awaits the trumpet to release souls from their watery grave!


Is this the day that no man knoweth?


 Tell me about the mark of the beast ~ they chant! Is it too late for weary souls?

Alas is the mercy seat barren?

Prayers ~ remove the stains from our robes! spotless white they must be!


Unworthy ~ undeserving of such astounding grace!

Hush my soul, claim thy worthiness!


Rapturous faith awakens reality ~ morning hath come!

Confessions as knees bowed in submission,

tongues declare “He is Lord”!


I am worthy!

I am worthy!


He hath stood in the gap!

The waves of mercy wash over my soul caressing my heart with grace!


Is this the day that no man knoweth?

 Kathy J Snow©


9-11 We Remember

In honour and dedication to all the souls lost on 9-11

Prayers for all the victims and their families.


Today I cried a tear for you

I wonder ~ did you hear it fall?

Then slowly more fell down like rain

I wonder ~ did you know at all?


I talked with you awhile today

Although you were not here,

I let you know just how I felt

And I could sense you near.


Will meet again on that far shore

Where struggles and pain exist no more,

Will share our stories and untold tales

Forgotten this life of courageous trails.

Kathy J Snow©


Pray For A Cure

Memory is fading the summers sun at eve

Countless weary efforts to make the heart believe,

Life that once existed still remains but in the past

Struggling now with every thought to make each new one last.


Thoughts that stray to childhood days and recall the spring of life

Adventures then now seam so real to block this new found strife,

The mind it plays these tricks of guess and wonder if then true

Everyday an uphill climb the memories turn to few.