Direction (Memory of Yesterdays)

Today I walked through a memory of yesterdays

Recalling thoughts of a tomorrow that would forever change my path,

Remembering the hills and the valleys that brought me to this crossroad

Thankful for the direction that my heart chose to take on as a journey.


No doubts plagued me as the visions of courage led the way

Every tread fell in line ~ the pathway dodged by steppingstones of progress,

Mindful prayers of direction, through trials and blessings that would calm my soul

The core source of faith erased fear that enticed and tugged at my mind.


The inner beauty of peace ~ ones soul set free reaching the plateau of grace

Bursting with adoration and dedication to the emancipator of my very existence!

Breaking free now from fetters and weights that chained my bestowments ~

In honor and submission I lay them at your feet!


 Kathy J Snow©