Creation (Celebration of the Seasons)

Amazing how the world began

Vast amid such darken space,

The wonder of infinite creation

How stars were named and placed.


Every creature precisely wrought

Through author precision form,

All earths creatures great and small

From dust to life were born.


No greater wonder to take its place

Within the seven days,

Creation of our mighty universe

How our God chose to display!

Kathy J Snow©


Beauty & Grace

The Lord blesses the earth with such beauty & grace, even in a season where others might only see death. Nature returns from whence it came, to sleep and be renewed ~ the promise of the Creator’s springtime! KJS©



Nature’s Guestbook

The little sparrows love to stop

And share a song or two ~

There’s always room for purple finch

The yellow warbler too!


Sometimes the robin finds the bath

And cools its feathers down ~

If luck would have it dinners served

A worm upon the ground!


A Hermit thrush he lingers still

And checks the wood for lunch ~

Just in time the ants are stirred

listen close you’ll hear him crunch!


Bright golden finch they wing their way

Right to their special perch~

Side by side the couples sit

On branches of the birch!


More than often you might see

A squirrel come for brunch ~

Between the chitter and the chatter

I think they steal ~ it’s just a hunch!


Many creatures have stopped by

To bless my little nook ~

So thankful for these lovely signings

In my natures guestbook!

Kathy J Snow©




The air is crisp a steel grey dawn

for morning clouds have gathered,

I hear the songs the trees sing softly ~

Sweet fellowship of nature!


The breath of God caresses earth

for moments are but love notes,

I taste the waters gentle waves ~

Sweet fellowship of nature!


The delicate lilies dance in grace

for His beauty is revealed,

I touch the fields they exalt His name ~

Sweet fellowship of nature!


The sparrow – the robin now in chorus

for their trills narrate His mercy,

I see the hills they clap in time ~

Sweet fellowship of nature!


The setting sun now warms my heart

for its rays speak of His promise,

I feel Him whisper through creation ~

Sweet fellowship of nature.