Channels of Grace (Chosen by the Master)

Why do I write?

No credit to the writer or to whom holds the pen, but all honour and glory to the Author of LIFE, the Great Author from Calvary.

Hebrew 12:2 (KJV)
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Its not about how many likes….comments, it is not about, look at me look what I wrote, or how many shares; it’s about that one weary traveler on life’s road ~ their soul catching a familiar scent of encouragement ~ finding that cool refreshing drink of heartening water to quench their thirsty soul! One word, yes one word could be life altering, soul changing, motivate their heart and give them strength to go another mile on life’s road. Thank God for inspirational words ~ a soothing, cooling, cushioned moss.


I sat beside a slough of grace
the reflection of what I seen,
a cross beneath the rippled waters
gazing back at me;

This channel cooled my weary feet
my soul straightway ~ set free to rest,
cooling comfort that brought me joy
a calming deep within my breast

But for a moment I closed my eyes
set down the book I read,
within my heart I voiced a prayer
expression of thanks is what I said;

“Thank you for Thy servants Lord
for soldiers of the cross,
for inspiration that You give
such words a soothing moss”

My feet now set upon the road
for once again I wend my way,
grateful thus a burst of life ~
this journey…
a stem of earth’s bouquet.


IMG_7303 3


Focal Point (Life’s Inspiration)

Who Inspires You?

What is your life ~ your souls Focal Point?


Do you ever feel your ambition level  is not reaching its plateau of possibilities, and your potential of positive writing experience is not measuring on the progress scale? Maybe life in general is lacking beauty and sparkle of creativity. Are you in a routine rut? Triviality of everyday life just might be empowering the wrong energy.


Let’s take a look at ambition levels, let’s measure positive actions that have or haven’t become reality. A little soul searching just might be in order! 


*Is your spiritual life ~ well being in order? 

*What is your purpose in life? 

*Is He your purpose?


When the Holy spirit is welcomed into a willing soul, a life long companion of grace is waiting to inspire! Being one with the Father will both empower and release a true freedom, causing adventurous flights of faith! These adventures can be overflowing with motivation, causing ones heart to brim with happiness, and spill over creating journals of encouragement! 


Just remember you don’t want to be looking back on missed opportunities of being liberated by the Holy spirit! Live your life to the fullest with your guide, your LIFE companion! The Great Emancipator, the Inspiration of life and writing. 


Ephesians 1:11

Living Bible (TLB)

  Moreover, because of what Christ has done, we have become gifts to God that he delights in, for as part of God’s sovereign plan we were chosen from the beginning to be his, and all things happen just as he decided long ago.



What makes life unique?

It’s the heart that shares the tale

happenings ~ chapters

the journey

trials ~ temptations.


What makes existence unique?

It’s the soul that shares the tale

faith ~ assurance

the plateau

prayer ~ grace.



What makes creation unique?

It’s the Creator that tells the tale

Alpha ~ Omga

the Author

salvation ~ life


What makes life unique?

It’s the hearts focal point that tells the tale!






I Believe (Hope is Born)

As I bundled up to head outdoors to our now snow blanketed back yard ~ my mind was floating through thoughts of possible captures. As many of you know, I love to encourage expressions of beauty through our Lord’s magnificent creation!

Setting my camera down and crouching to lace up my boots, my eye caught a decorative piece of the season; BELIEVE is what the deep red words spelled. My direction of viewing went straight to the letter “i”, that just so happened to be dotted by a beautiful little star! Instantly my thoughts plunged into the very reason for season….our blessed king that was born in a little stable~manger of hay. So humble was His birth, but mighty would be the WORD He would bring forth to the world. He would give the astounding gift of SALVATION to all that would believe in Him. Before the night was holy, before the angels rejoiced, His coming was foretold.

Isaiah 7:14 – “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign:

Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.

With my camera dangling about my neck, and the little ornament in my gloved hands, I continued with my expedition. Entering the backyard there were a dozen beautiful multi coloured doves, nervously pecking at the scattered seeds on the ground. I walked slowly hoping not to frighten them. Peering up into my beautiful maple, I noticed the sun smiling on a couple of the lower branches. As some of the doves took flight, one awkwardly tried to perch on one of the lighted branches. The dove only stayed for a moment, but long enough for me to catch the natural warm glow of the sun on its soft feathers. How perfect I said out loud! The sun shining down on a beautiful dove symbol of LOVE! Making my way through the snow, I then placed my little ornament BELIEVE on the branch, and smiled as the sun graciously shone down upon the little star.

“Star of wonder, star of night
Star of royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect light.”

Excited with my new capture, back into the studio I went! All I could think of was how our Lord came to earth to be born of a virgin, to die on a cruel cross so we could be saved and given ETERNAL LIFE!   Oh what a wonderful Saviour! He gave His own blood for even me!

May we all reflect on our Saviour ~ His journey from the manger to the cross. This season is a beautiful avenue to share the LOVE of CHRIST and why we celebrate! Tell your children and your children’s children, “He is Lord”

I Believe

For every night

there is a morn

HOPE and prayer

flight is born



 For every TRUTH

there is a lie

for every LIFE

one must die



For every start

there is an end

for every straight

there is a bend



For every sparrow

there is a SONG

for every sorrow

JOY belongs



For every season

there is measure

for every CHRISTmas

there is treasure



For in a manger

lay our KING

brought to earth

let PRAISES ring



For from the manger



souls set free



For from this earth

one day will part

ETERNITY to gain

never more to part




“Merry CHRISTmas”


Our King is Born (Come Let Us Sing)




A story once was told

of hushed shadows in the night,

while the little baby Jesus

lay wrapped in swaddling tight.


Everlasting light that shone

while stars in quietness gleamed,

Bethlehem was blessed with birth

for silenced was the dreamed.


Breath of wings could not be heard

as angels hovered near the earth,

bent low to sing of our new king

to impart to men of His great worth.


   Shepherds keeping watch of flocks

had seen the telling star,

wise men travelled with their gifts

they had come from near and far.


Gathered in a little stable

in a manger lay our king,

a lowly birth upon this earth

Christ is born come let us sing!


Come joyful all adore Him

praise our king forevermore,

Let our souls unite with praise

our hearts and hands to Him we raise.




Mercy Drops (I Know Him!)

Mercy drops ~ cascading on wounded spirits

creating a river of life


Renewed thoughts of Salvation

the soul draws on His grace


Prayer ~ blessings channeled through showers 

total devotion of His love


Baptized in His spirit

immersed with song of declaration


Shadowed now by Calvary ~

crimson thread of LIFE


I know Him! I know Him!

by His nailed scarred hands


I know Him!




Morning Stars

Where were you, when the morning stars together sang?

Shouting with JOY!


He has given understanding to my heart ~ bless the Lord!

Unworthy of his mercy ~ He loves me!


Common flesh and bone ~ stumbling, mistakes,

Oh the hill of Golgotha ~ such love He gave his only son!


In his thoughts and on his mind ~ the nails driven in,

What glorious mystery is this?


Redemption, salvation ~ bless the Lord!

Sinner saved by grace!


His word, life ~ attributes of Christ,

Expressed now by daughters and sons of God!



Simplicity (The Chapel)

I realize once I bare my soul I am leaving the door wide open; will it change the way I feel?  Not likely! The most important constraint is to be honest with ones self revealing the hidden truth behind every corner, leaving no stone unturned.

Throughout my years of church attendance it was not by conviction or feeling the need, it began as a household rule, a sentence that quickly turned into years of unhappiness, doubt, and compressing any bit of faith my soul had worked so hard to gain, and then quickly engulfing my life with fear – neither a solid foundation for a relationship with God or church attendance, it took  years for me to see and realize that not all churches were like this.

Years passed and the excitement and fulfillment I once felt asking the Lord into my heart as a little girl was so concealed the thought of uncovering the miracle was not even on my hearts radar. The simplicity of being a Christian no longer existed, in its place was heavy fear, unhappiness, no self esteem, no sense of belonging, and always searching for a way out; the opposite of what I was taught as a little girl at Bible camp where I received the Lord as my personal Saviour. How could I be a shining light and encourage others when my light was dimmed by man made rules, dress codes, and others convictions?

Through years of pain, unwanted pathways that lead to depression and no confidence in my walk with God; I now have so many testimonies of trials and how the wonderful Lord brought me through, in such ways I would have never imagined! Through the Love of God He has taught me that it is a personal walk, living in someone else’s convictions and interpretations just evolves you in circles of legalism, fear, and an unfulfilling Christian walk.

I have such peace in my heart that no earthly tabernacle can take away, my communion  is personal with my Lord and Saviour! God knows my heart, I live to praise HIs name and encourage others by the wonderful gifts He has so graciously bestowed upon my life.

This is my own personal testimony and has no bearing on others beliefs and attendance  of church. I trust this will only encourage one to walk closer to God and live for Christ and not others.

The Chapel

I open the doors to the tabernacle of my being

He creates in me a veil of truth,

Sets my spirit soaring with promise

Takes me through the gateway to my soul.


My place of worship I meet with my Lord

The chapel of my heart rings with praises,

Within my closet I pray to Thee oh God

My body my spirit is yours to glorify!


We embrace with sweet communion

My obedience is my worship,

I offer up to Thee my being my gifts

Use me to shine forth as light.


The shadow of my existence reveals Thy truths

I find Thee not in man made structure,

You are the foundation the cornerstone of my life

In Thee I only exist my place of rest.

Kathy J Snow©