The Artist

There is a renown artist

I know HIs work so well,

Every stroke each shade each detail

It has formed my life to tell.


To tell of His great works

His paintings I will show,

Each one is framed with grace

And with colors blessings flow!


Every shade is blended perfect

Nor stroke too dark or light,

Mine eyes have caught a glimpse

Of glorious rapture sight!


To have such paintings in ones care

Redemption is the cost,

Without this of Hs own blood

Souls forever would be lost!


Although I do not hold the brush

Nor the paint do I posses,

I am the canvas that He works

Of HIs love do I confess!


The masterpiece is not quite done

‘Twill be my theme in glory,

How the renown artist died

To paint my salvation story!



Kathy J Snow©