Inspired By A Gift Of Art

Why Does The Robin Sing?


Song through meadows 

gather hearts along the way

reaching souls in need…


Fingers brush 

soft tops of tiny

forget me knots

sending kisses 

of memories to the soul


Along meadows blue 

footsteps emboss the journey

leading sorrow to

cool waters a 

hearts brook of healing


Resting beneath bowed

branches of life

one circum’s to the 

inner beauty of peace

content with cherished remembrance…


The song through the meadows

has reached my soul an 

everlasting impression of love.



Beautiful Piece  by Sherry Reynard Art


The Artist

There is a renown artist

I know HIs work so well,

Every stroke each shade each detail

It has formed my life to tell.


To tell of His great works

His paintings I will show,

Each one is framed with grace

And with colors blessings flow!


Every shade is blended perfect

Nor stroke too dark or light,

Mine eyes have caught a glimpse

Of glorious rapture sight!


To have such paintings in ones care

Redemption is the cost,

Without this of Hs own blood

Souls forever would be lost!


Although I do not hold the brush

Nor the paint do I posses,

I am the canvas that He works

Of HIs love do I confess!


The masterpiece is not quite done

‘Twill be my theme in glory,

How the renown artist died

To paint my salvation story!



Kathy J Snow©