Atmosphere Blueprint of Dreams

Behind the clouds
unseen to man
rays of gold
in earthly sand

Obscured by rain
threat by chance?
silver lining
invite to dance

Structured castles
in form of dust
from doubt to faith
eternal trust



Today My Heart Remembered

Thanking God for the gift of memory. Through this precious gift, my heart can still see, hear, feel, and embrace the wonderful ~ treasures of my childhood. Dedicated to my dear mother who suffers with dementia. I will recall and visit your memories, I will tell you your stories so you can visit your precious sun-kissed days.

Today my heart remembered…

childhoods past
in summers
sweet green grass
lazily walking
through fields of wheat
feeling the touch
cool earth on my feet

Untroubled laughter
still winged in the air
carried away
by bluebirds so fare
the songs ~ the carefree
rest in the clouds
released gentle rains
bring rainbows aloud

Splashes of dreams
still ripple in lakes
carried by driftwood
my heart it awakes
reflections in ripples
bless me in poem
through arbor of verse
softly I roam

Sun-kissed days
still shine through greys
stealing small doubts
vining the way
warmth of small smiles
that melt ice of fear
feeling the love
bringing memories near

this season
embossed in snowflakes
a gift from my Saviour
His purpose ~ no mistakes
chapters of life
He allows me to share
carefully chosen
gift wrapped with care


Open Spaces (Eternity & Wings)

Fields of tall golden wheat
sway and bend with the winds
miniature brown field sparrows rest lightly
on the handsome strands of gold

Rays of the warm afternoon sun
beam proudly on rich ripened grass
promise of an abundance harvest
the sparrow sings and spreads its wings

Briefly I feel empowerment
connecting thoughts of promised flight
~ something has barbered my wings
they are sluggish and flap in vain

But for a short span of time
I was there ~ free from this weighted demon
I felt the wind beneath my wings
released from this dark veil

I look through steel white bars of loss
memory beyond this delicate cage
the latch on the door to freedom
held tight by the hand of dementia



Eternity & Wings

Eternity & Wings

Reflections (The Sunset)

Reflections of a weary day slowly are put to rest,

a silhouette of fragile beams lay just above the crest,


The dustiness of trials and cares are lost within the hues,

delicately ~ the fiery orange ball creates a path of views!


Evening skies now celebrate the setting of the sun,

another day is just a turn this day is nearly done!


Blaze of colors now convey the final lingering phase,

another day on this ole earth is just a scattered ray!

Kathy J Snow©


Nature’s Guestbook

The little sparrows love to stop

And share a song or two ~

There’s always room for purple finch

The yellow warbler too!


Sometimes the robin finds the bath

And cools its feathers down ~

If luck would have it dinners served

A worm upon the ground!


A Hermit thrush he lingers still

And checks the wood for lunch ~

Just in time the ants are stirred

listen close you’ll hear him crunch!


Bright golden finch they wing their way

Right to their special perch~

Side by side the couples sit

On branches of the birch!


More than often you might see

A squirrel come for brunch ~

Between the chitter and the chatter

I think they steal ~ it’s just a hunch!


Many creatures have stopped by

To bless my little nook ~

So thankful for these lovely signings

In my natures guestbook!

Kathy J Snow©


Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird

Footsteps ~ on the walkway
vibrations tremble the toy brownish feathers,
Unaware of tiny creature laying lifeless on the wayside
Approaching now I hesitate to look in fear there is no song.

Little brown bird where is your home,
did you stray and strife came upon thee?

No flight for thy wings upon the wind
Tears fill my soul,
I sense presence of taking, withdraw leftover life
I survey the hawk, it circles waiting for me to pass.

Little brown bird what was your song,
doth your melody linger in the trees?

Footsteps ~ on the walkway
a passerby, a glance at death,
No comment, I admire thought within, and keep mine tucked inside.
Steps now distance me from the crime.

Little brown bird when will it be,
conclusion of ending what happened to thee?

Little brown bird!

Kathy J Snow©

Nature Poems