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Broken Angels

Broken Angels

They try to fly
above their rainbows
hued with blackness
hidden greys

Splinted wings
despairing sorrow
aching longing
for release

beyond tomorrows
powerless tears
shatter the night

Who will save them
from such torment
will such cries
stay deathly hushed?

Break the silence
shatter the demons
be the one to
save a life


#angels #save #wings #rescue #support #compassion #unconditional #broken #fight #advocate #help #awareness #violence #demons #abuse #prayer #helpinghand


4 thoughts on “Broken Angels

  1. This poem are the words and hurts too many wounded, beautiful souls try to cry out for freedom of their darkness they are forced in. Their strength weakened, their smile bruised, their song silenced.
    Imagine a world where their voices are heard because they can stand up and speak. They feel safe to because no longer are they hushed. No more abuse! Let’s fly together, our wings are spread wide. I hear your cry. You will live and no longer die!

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