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The Visitor

Being an advocate for our seniors , always creating awareness for the importance of visiting the seniors, now that privilege has been removed…Amidst the world chaos struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, the awareness is still a valid cause. This poem speaks of what it means to an elderly soul who spends day after day in a long term care home and then is blessed with a visitor. Now with strong measures in place with no visitors allowed to help fight against Covid-19 in the homes. Please say a prayer for these dear loved ones. I wonder if the saying applies, “you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone”  

Morning dew
cool tired feet
caressing each step
I feel relief,
drowsy daisies
start to stretch
welcoming warmth
from evenings slumber

Relief though faint
strength is gained
amidst the
dawning glory,
unfolding promise
clings with certain
embracing grace
with daylight hues

Meadows green
of afternoon
the comfort of
someones touch,
the lonely ends
as smiles begin
welcoming love
amid the words

Once again
the cool returns
yellowing rays
turn into gold,
I bid farewell
a day well spent
contentment folds in
peaceful rest


I want to add a very important note, a huge thank you and prayers to all our health care workers putting their lives on the line everyday to care for our dear seniors. God bless them and keep them safe ❤


5 thoughts on “The Visitor

  1. We have to protect the sick and elderly from this deadly virus. No longer being able to visit them is terrible, but the potential harm one visit can cause, is not worth the risk.

    Be safe mmy friend.

    • Yes absolutely!! This is why it is extremely important to offer prayer thoughts and support where and when we can. It is reality that so many seniors go day after day without visitors, and now this great privilege has had to be taken away for their safety and I totally agree with that. May we continue to do everything we can to protect them and the healthcare workers on the frontlines who are caring for them.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and your much needed comment. Be safe too my friend .

  2. “the comfort of
    someones touch,
    the lonely ends
    as smiles begin
    welcoming love
    amid the words.”
    So true! Our dad shared with us how when he would be sitting alone and one of the nurses would walk by and put their hand on his shoulder, to remind him that she was thinking of him, how much that meant to him!! Dad said, “she doesn’t know HOW MUCH that helps and means to me!” And the uplifted smile and sparkle and happy tears in our dad’s eyes when he’d look up and see us walking towards him, was worth every second of being there and always making the effort to visit him! I’m so happy to see that even now when it’s too dangerous for visits due to the virus, that glass is see through and our elderly can see you on the other side waving and blowing kisses or being creative and playing tic tac toe right on the glass door between them. Beautiful caring and thoughtful love!

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