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No hidden code to cypher

as ink on cotton stained

a neon sign it blinds the truth

is it easy to walk away?

Be direct this is no riddle

without an answer in a rhyme 

gaze upon the mirrored reflection

no crystal ball through time

Seniors now for once were youth

do we feel exempt?

denial devised to sacrifice truth

I hear the echoes of the steps


Amidst youth or mid life strides, it is very easy to push the truth back out of the way replacing it with myths that growing old is so far down the road; the truth is, it is on our back porch, and we will be stepping down placing our feet on the same path of life’s fragility. 

Let’s join our voices in fighting for change, in creating that very important communication concerning end of life care, and the dignity, respect, privacy and compassion that are not only deserved but is crucial for the quality of life in seniors twilight years when they are taking their final steps on this earth.

For every like comment and share you are helping with this awareness. Thank you ❤ 



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2 thoughts on “Denial

  1. (denial devised to sacrifice truth!)
    This line in your poem, you hit the nail on the head Kathy.
    It also has been said, “ignorance is bliss.” Another form of denial.
    Stop the denial that you’re ignorant to how our seniors, YOUR mom, YOUR dad, YOUR grandparents and YOU some day, are being treated. Huge lacking in treating them with the respect and dignity they so deserve and earned.
    Without them no one would have been given life. Its our turn to give them life. THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE in their older years and until they take their last breath. TREASURE them!!!!!! Have NO regrets about what you did for their care, needs and love love love.

    • Well said! The truth is ugly at times however, in this case I see the beauty in our elderly, the portrait of life in our seniors ❤

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read like and comment. Thank you for helping create awareness ❤

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