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Don’t Forget Me

Mom is doing better, for her first week in her new surroundings, but this disease is brutal, a demon of demons 😦 today I felt the ache of her heart and on her behalf I say….
Don’t forget to love me when my eyes grow dim with tears
weary of life’s struggles my thoughts no longer clear

When stories told begin to fade now clouded with confusion
my heart is breaking searching for a constant absolution

When anger rises hand in hand with frustration and suspicions
please remember and forgive for dementia steals decisions

Don’t forget to love me for my heart is still intact
although its shrouded by a demon through love it still reacts

Don’t forget to love me for I did not ask for this disease
just pray and hope and be my constant soldier for one day I shall succeed!
#awareness #hope #cure #prayer #angels #mohter #dementia #love


7 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Me

  1. Dear friend,

    When reading your lines, your beautiful poem about your mother’s dementia, I got tears in my eyes and I felt the vibration with which you have expressed your inner pain and care written with your fountain pen from your heart. Keep her in your heart and then she will stay there where she always has been…

    Thanks for sharing
    Warm greetings

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