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Dementia Struggles

“One” of the greatest battles one will fight is separating and finding a balance with emotions.
Emotions are what rule our heart, thoughts, and compassion at such a high level. Oft times these levels can and will cause the caregiver more anxiety, sadness, worry, and confusion with the journey or situation.

Emotion is a language that can be quite verbal at times. Although it can cause negative it can also cause positive, I believe these two differences fluctuate with the balances we are able to create.

When a loved one is diagnosed with #dementia the waves of emotions are constant and may causes breakers to crash against the rock of ones inner soul. It is very easy to stay focused on ones sadness and self pity, and indeed with all rights, but in finding this balance the focus on the dear one whom has the disease contributes to helping level ones inner storm and focusing on their struggles, that we cannot begin to fathom or explain. There is no manual or instructions that come with this horrific disease, and everyday is a learning curve, some good some bad.

I am learning as I go with my mom and my dad, all is affected by this disease, and all hurt is real hurt, all feelings are real, and all struggles are true struggles. I am learning I may not like or be comfortable with certain things whatever they may be, but if they bring my dear mother comfort in this dark murky world of dementia then it is ok. For the caregivers find a source of strength where you can renew your faith, hope and inner courage, you will need to visit this rock time and time again. Accept comfort from others experiences, their compassion, their thoughts and prayers, this is a life line that you can and will reach for time and time again. Everyones source is different, and what works for some may not work for others. Together we #encourage together we #hope #pray and share our #compassion

I share my thoughts and experiences to raise awareness and pray in some small way may help others whom are in the midst of this battle. #dementia #Alzheimer #demon #disease #focus #cure #love #hope #faith #encourage
#writing #sharing #mom #dad #emotion #life #caregiver #anxiety


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