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Years of subtle hints and forbidden promises led up to the reality that my mother has mixed aggressive dementia…
Denial comes at a high price, and don’t kid yourself just when you think you have overcome this conflict between your heart and mind it rears its ugly head time and time again.
I loose my balance
stumbling on todays
catching a foothold on
perhaps and I hope so
Darkness overtakes the light
In search for glimmers
finding shards of rays
lighting the path of possibilities
Peering deep into her eyes
an inquest for clues of trust
yes I know her she comes often
a friend, a foe or family?
It’s me I’m here!
don’t leave without a memory
share with me the tales of today
for tomorrow I shan’t recall.

If we could step inside the unsettled murky world of dementia, and in reality perceive
for a moment… what the dear souls that carry this heavy burden feel…what then?
#Hope is a powerful tool that tends to give our thirsty souls a drink when we thing we cannot go on. Hope is an anchor that aids keeping our thoughts of losing this great battle in check. Hope redeems our lack of faith when we are exhausted and try to give into defeat. Hope is a jewel, that no one should ever lose. Keep this treasure tucked in a safe realm where it can be called upon at any given moment. Hope is a life line when everything and everyone else seems to be failing. KJS
#awareness #hope #dementia #mother #daughter #poetry #encourage



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