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Soul Cravings (Friday Blessings)

What is your hearts desire?

What does your soul crave for?



The ripples dance

as I step into

the river of life

I feel its life wash over my soul!


My lungs fill with song

as I inhale

refreshing winds

the breeze from the tree of life!


My heart beats with joy

as I walk 

with saints of old

the stories of His wonderful grace!


My soul is at rest

as I look

upon His face

the Emancipator of the redeemed!


This is my prayer

my hearts desire

what my soul longs for

a foretaste of heaven

will soon be reality!





6 thoughts on “Soul Cravings (Friday Blessings)

    • God bless you Mary, and thank you for the visit and generous kind words. Faith is a daily occurrence of trusting our Heavenly Father. Faith love, and trust toil hand in hand, all part of the plan of redemption to meet on that beautiful shore!

    • Thank you Joy! When the Lord speaks through His vessel, it is one of the conformations He is still working in us. “May a heart be blessed, and a soul refreshed” is my prayer and proverb 🙂 Appreciate the visit and encouraging comment.

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