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A Prayer for the Sparrow (God’s Love)

Dear Lord,


Please ~

 protect the little sparrow

for on this winter’s day,

he hides within the little spruce

concealed from all harms way!


Please ~

shield him from the bitter winds

against the stormy gale,

the cold wet snow that blows and blasts

oh offer him a safe warm dale!


Please ~

let him find the food I’ve left

to keep his belly filled,

for this my little gift I give

even though it’s frosty chilled.


Please ~

As the night begins to fall

and branches fill with snow,

help him find his way to rest

till morning light begins to glow








2 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Sparrow (God’s Love)

  1. Oh Kathy, this touched my heart. Only a few minutes ago, I checked my bird feeders to make certain they had enough food. There were dozens of little sparrows (as well as other birds) feeding there. Beautiful, beautiful poem!

    • Dearest Joan,
      Thank you so much. I cried today for the little birds. It is so very cold and stormy out today. I love the snow but my heart goes out to these little beautiful creatures! I know God has a purpose even for His little sparrows. Praise God for his love! I know you feel the same. God bless you my dear friend. 🙂 xx

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