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Am I Praying with My Whole Heart?

Under the Cover of Prayer

Am I Praying with My Whole Heart?

by Ron Hughes


One of the great things about prayer is that it can be informal and intimate. Because Jesus opened the way for us into the throne room of God, we come with confidence to our Father. Our spontaneous outbursts of dismay or sorrow are heeded just as our more eloquent, well thought out expressions of thanksgiving or worship.

Occasionally, spiritual dryness prompts me to reflect on my relationship with God. Often at such times, I discover that the informal and intimate moments of prayer are entirely about me. To be honest, though my vocabulary may be that of a grown-up, my attitude is more like that of a whining child.

The sense of distance from God comes, not from His withdrawal from me, but my self-absorption.

I’m not really so much praying, as talking to myself. I’m not seeking God with…

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