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Exchanged (Thoughts of Calvary at Christmas)


of Christ’s love,


poetic verse



that we celebrate,


the lowly birth


Tinselled trees 

alas shine through,


coloured glass


Thus beneath

mortal adornment,


common wood



grateful heart,

o soul rejoice

thoughts of Calvary






5 thoughts on “Exchanged (Thoughts of Calvary at Christmas)

  1. I have to add…thoughts of the sands of time and how there is always reflection on our Lord’s footprints: I wondered in my heart if hearts reflect on Christ’s footprints in the snow~leading to Calvary? To me these thoughts opened up so many channels of refections on our Lord, how his footprints no matter the season in our life…HIS footprints always lead back to Calvary!

  2. Dear Kathy, it seems so apt to me that Christmas thoughts “lead back to Calvary”. I have already written a guest blog post on this very topic ~ appearing next week! How could we fail to see the sacrifice in the snuggled babe, or the rugged cross in the wooden manger? There are whispered hints all around us. And the Christ-child came to be a sacrificlal offering and resurrected Lord and King whose footprints echo through eternity. Thank you for these great poetic thoughts that find a home in my heart. Blessings 🙂 x

    • AMEN Joy!!! So beautiful said! We hear those echoes they are engraved in our sous! I am so excited about reading your guest blog next week!! Such a wonderful season of opportunity to share our love of Christ! I am always so blessed and encouraged by your words! I am reminded of the old song…From the manger to the cross! 🙂 xx thus my offering poem for next week was borne! God is so good!! God bless you my friend!

      • Thanks, Kathy. Oh I love that song! And I love the way God uses all we see and hear around to return our attention back to Him. Poetry is often birthed from grace glimmers seen in the dust and detritus of daily life. What a blessing that is too! 🙂 xx

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