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Candy~cane Overture (Prelude to Christmas Morn)

Frosty streets 

merry children

frolic in the snow

icicles hang from stone

magical swords

that melt with warmth

tender is the heart


Crackling fire

glowing embers

delightful spray of light

flicker in eyes

enraptured children

with anticipation

for Christmas morn


Twinkling stars

ignite the sky

mystical their journey

fall with wishes

 hopes and dreams

float through streams

of the milky way


 Hasty goodnights

dreamy sleep tights

sugar plums and dance

collide in happy slumber

a sweet prelude

candy-cane overture

to a Merry Christmas







One thought on “Candy~cane Overture (Prelude to Christmas Morn)

  1. This December I will be writing both poetry of our dear Saviour’s birth, and rejoicing with the angels singing peace on earth and good will to men! I will also be writing poetry of such treasured childhood memories ~ memories of a time that will always be forever tucked away in my heart of simple yet magical Christmas’s! God bless my parents for installing the balance! The balance of “Away in a Manger” and the Love of a family Christmas! God bless.

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