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Imprints of Faith (Trodden Byways)

Shards of glass 

from weary heart

fall like bended 

knee to alter


Warfare of thoughts 

storm the gates

intent to crumble 

and to break


Oppression though cruel 

deems a purpose

although thus blinded 

to its reason


Season of trial 

breaks the will

submission valleys 

precede eternity


For no journey

be there life

imprint of faith

on soles of saints


Fashioned from

trodden byways

through veil of    

   divine graced refuge 


Shattered hallelujahs 

reach His throne 

through His presence 

become whole. 





6 thoughts on “Imprints of Faith (Trodden Byways)

  1. You have described the current condition of my heart in eloquence that has required several re-reads to completely comprehend (that’s a good thing…) When the “shards of glass” and “warfare of thoughts” are left behind and our “shattered hallelujahs” are once again whole, I know that the bent knees will be stronger for the having traveled this trodden byway. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

  2. A beautiful poem, Kathy, that I had to return to for deeper undertanding of meaning. I am grateful to you for wriitng it and to Nicole for making its eloquence clearer to my tired mind! Lovely imagery to linger over. Great work, my friend! Blessings 🙂 xx

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