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Hearts Desire (Dreams that are to be)

The heart strolls

through Autumn paths

scuffling through fallen leaves

scattered thoughts

drift through the mind

of a love that

holds no exceptions

knowing that every

breath is determined

journeys mapped

planned with purpose

crisp brittle leaves

dissolve with steps

reminds the heart

not to borrow

from tomorrows sorrow

all is required

is what to live for

so simple

is hearts desire

for all dreams

that are to be

calmly rest

within the Master’s hands



4 thoughts on “Hearts Desire (Dreams that are to be)

  1. A beautiful expression of so many areas of life and directions from Go reminding us our lives are in his care and his perfect plan will be see as we leave the past behind us walking forward daily , let the winds of time scatter the past like the autumn leaves when they are blow away on windy days , God bless you Kathy

  2. What a beautiful picture you have painted of our Father’s majesty, His grace, and His passionate love for us! In spite of the fact that our lives are as transient as the “crisp brittle leaves” that will be blown away in the wind or trampled under footsteps, He holds out His hands to us – hands that hold not only our dreams, but His dreams for us. The same hands with which He offers to us “a love without exception.” May many blessings from the Father be poured out on your writings and your heart as well!

    • Thank you Nicole. I in return am so blessed by your comments! So thankful for HIs nail scarred hands. Our Lord does have dreams and purpose for each of our lives, we must humbly come before the throne and ask for forgiveness and in the same breath thank Him for His grace! Thank you for stopping by my friend. Blessings.

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