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Remnants of Grace (God Will Provide)

Masquerade whispering faces

a costume for the heart

unveils painted smiles of torment


Veil of grey colored snow

a cloak around the soul

protects fragile prayers of sorrow


Will pliant like golden wheat

bended by Autumn winds

submission an expression of being


Intercession releases corralled feelings

a portal to absolution

no longer resistant faith takes the lead


Moving shadows confuse the heart

but light gives way to victory

mask of uncertainty dissolves


Painted smiles are washed away

from rain of glory skies

true countenance now revealed


Veil torn remnants of grace

His attributes pour from the soul

He is Jehovah! His child rejoices!






“The LORD Will Provide.” Jehovah, the name doesn’t directly commemorate a past occurrence or circumstance; it anticipates  future actions. He Will fill the skies with glory! He Will turn your prayers of sorrow into prayers of thankfulness and joy! When you go through your times of resistance remember, surrendering your soul breaks through the veil, where Love~Mercy~Grace are just a breath of FAITH away!


14 thoughts on “Remnants of Grace (God Will Provide)

  1. These are great words of encouragement beautifully written. Your words and image are a feast for the senses and balm to a weary soul. Thank you, Kathy, for another lovely post! Blessings:) xx

    • Thank you, Joy. These are one of those writes where I started in one direction and the good Lord took me in another! So blessed when He chooses to do that. Thank you for stopping by, blessed by your friendship and writing. 🙂

  2. Wow, Kathy! This has to be one of my favorites; it is LOADED with imagery, beautifully expressed! I am still re-reading it and re-processing; I keep seeing something more that I had missed. It expresses so well the human condition of feeling it necessary to fake it, put on a good face, pretend to have it all together, don’t show the uncertainty or the hurt inside so people won’t think less of you or take advantage of your weakness. And, at last, when love melts through and faith steps forward in resolution, finally able to trust, and Jesus makes all things new. Your poem is deep, chock-full, and chronicles the metamorphosis that takes place as the chrysalis cracks and a new creature comes forth! Beautiful!

    • Neil…What can I say? You hit the nail right on the head! Thank God for His grace and inspiration. Like I mentioned to Joy, I did start out in one direction, writing through past and present experiences, then when I was done I read and re-read, realizing the message in this poem was for me. My soul continues to rejoice! So blessed by your comments! Thank you for taking the time to visit, read, and comment.

  3. As I have not been reading much online lately and my heart has been a mess, I found that I was drawn to the title first of all. Days like this, I feel that my heart is just a remnant and that His grace alone is all that I am being held together with. I am glad I continued to read beyond just the title as my heart was richly blessed by the beautiful picture you painted with such inspired words as He Provided to you. “But light gives way to victory” I am counting on that! Blessings to you my friend, and thank you so very much for posting this today!

    • In return, Nicole, I am richly blessed and encouraged by your comments. I love how our Lord works! “But light gives way to victory” and you can count on this Nicole! Every promise in the book is ours every chapter every verse every line! All the promises of His love divine!! Blessings to you my dear friend! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! 🙂 xx

  4. Kathy, your poetry blesses me everyday. As do your photos. The Lord has proven Himself to me over and over that He is my Jehovah Jireh.


    • Dear Joan, Thank you so much for stopping by. My heart truly rejoices when a soul is encouraged and blessed. That is why I write, for His honour and glory. The Lord is our provider. Blessings my friend 🙂 xx

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