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Seasons of the Heart

The Northern lights 

they call her home


Cry of the wolf 

forlorn he weeps for her


Stars are brilliant with life 

awaiting her return


The frozen north anticipates 

new breath of life


Warm summer breeze 

longs to caress her face


Pulling her back

to familiar senses ~ beings of once a time


Sun kisses northern lakes 

in hopes to glimmer the eye


Ache – is strong it pulls the heart 

towards the country of sunsets


Tis autumn leaves brilliant 

with spectacular shades


Time is short 

the chill of winter is lurking 


Drawing closer with every eve

restless turns anxious


Will the heart make it 

back in time?


Whistling wind brings first snowfall 

with flurry it arrives!


A blanket of fresh white linen

covers earth to keep it warm


Reflection dancing lights 

twinkle in brilliance against the snow,


For shadows of footprints

 not seen by naked eye 


Drifting satisfying from the wind

the soul has come home 


She has made it safe 

no more her heart will roam!


Kathy J Snow©



10 thoughts on “Seasons of the Heart

  1. Beautiful, my friend. Your words pull me in as if I were in the very place you describe. I love the line about the blanket of linen keeping the earth warm.


    • Dear Joan. I love taking people on my journeys “back home” I am so glad you came along! the “blanket of linen” I speak of, keeps my visions of my childhood winters warm and safe. 🙂 Blessings, and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Gorgeous imagery, Kathy. Simply breathtakingly beautiful! What a spell you weave with your words. Thank you, my friend. PS:I love that line Joan mentions too! 🙂 x

    • Thank you, my friend, Joy. I write from a place I visit often in my heart…”back home” it holds such treasured memories ~ memories that can never be exhausted! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Your comments always mean so much. 🙂 xx

  3. Kathy, this work is so fresh, so different! I can see it, feel it, even smell it, a place I have never been that feels someegow familiar. I especially enjoyed the line, “Ache – is strong it pulls the heart towards the country of sunsets” There’s something compelling and sentimental in that line that I can’t get past. Thank you for the kaleidoscope of images, feelings, and emotions this poem elicits in me!

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