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Reaching Your Zion (Shackled by the Past?)


*In crossing your desert remember, there is beauty ~ life in the cactus bloom…


As a writer sometimes there is the tendency to keep re-visiting the past. This can be an area of possibility to get lodged, at times too comfortable?

There is a scale of balance when dealing with the past. We would have to ask ourselves the question, Why do we return to this country of former existence? What draws us to come back time and time again? Is it the ideals of wishing or wanting? Perhaps fuelling the need to change the avenue of thoughts? Actions that ushered the soul to sadness or… led our hearts to unchained happiness?


This place I speak of, a desert ~ one barely existing ~ living from promise to trial…


This place I speak of, a garden ~ one flourishing ~ blooming from love to purpose…


Whether this “place” is a desert or a garden, it could be a haven ~ retreat from this world that we are strangers in, sojourning. Let’s balance the scales, Haven? ~ Hideaway?


As Christians ~ Writers ~ Pilgrims… we need to ask ourselves the question, Can I reach my Zion by these frequent visitations? Are these visits refueling our FAITH and strength? or… Are these visits draining our FAITH tank, leaving us sputtering and choking?


Some find their Saviour ~ Salvation in their desert! 

Some may find the dried bones of past struggles ~ the minds war!

Some perhaps only returning to their desert to view the mirage of hope…


The possibilities ~ perhaps

The hazards ~ cautions


If I were to ask myself ~ you to honourably describe the reality of your desert in three words…

 Is that even possible?

What would the three words tell us?

 Nothing in our lives happen by chance. God has divine purpose for each one of our lives. Whether we go through deserts, climb mountains, swim the waters of life, there is always purpose ~ justification. 

 As a Writer we can prayerfully use these deserts ~ gardens to inspire ~ encourage!

May we always truthfully pray for God’s will…


In our lives

In our writing

In our deserts

In our gardens



Amidst your scorching, barren desert of silence,

if you listen close, you will hear the voice of your spring ~ of living water.

Kathy J Snow©





8 thoughts on “Reaching Your Zion (Shackled by the Past?)

  1. Listen to the voice of Spring , that’s so amazing to read this today ,I am forever saying don’t go back to Egypt there’s nothing there , I appreciate the way you have crafted this message today Kathy and every word I have read over. Definitely each writer has their own style , but the end result should show a similar answer. We are going forward not backwards and should find our selves in an oasis of blessings and water to drink from, freely given, fresh flowing waters from Heaven . This message today is a reminder for me to appreciate the places that were once , but are no longer, as I travel towards my new home.

    • Thank you , Maxine. Yes we are all moving forwards to the prize ~ goal! Cannot wait for our heavenly home! The Lord has variety in everything, even in His writers! We are all part of the Masters Bouquet! Appreciate you stopping by and tang the time to comment. Blessings. 🙂

  2. Kathy, this was a great reminder of the pitfalls of dwelling in the sealed, unchanging and unchangeable, past. If it be in the garden of bygone successes, joys, and happy memories you spoke of, though pleasant, it will rob us of any new achievements or fresh joys. And if it is a desert of past failures, sorrows, and bitterness that we cannot come away from, we ensure that the dismal score at the half-time of our lives will also be the final score. Rather than sitting in the locker room and forfeiting the rest of the game, or letting the clock run out, we should be giving our maximum effort right up until the final buzzer. (There, that may be the only football analogy you ever hear out of me, since I’m not big on sports!) And, let me say, I really enjoyed the pure poetry of your ending: “ Amidst your scorching, barren desert of silence,if you listen close, you will hear the voice of your spring ~ of living water. ” Great blog this week!

    • First of all…it’ is okay about the sports thing, I am not big on sports either 🙂 but… I can and do appreciate the analogy! I will admit, the “pure poetry” (Thank you) is what I scribbled in my journal awhile back, and came upon it this morning. I can say, I am so thankful for “living water” that has causes the cactus to bloom in my deserts! Thank you so much Neil, for the reading, comment, and I do appreciate the extra “a” 🙂 Blessings friend.

  3. Oh I love this line, “Amidst your scorching, barren desert of silence, if you listen close you will hear the voice of your spring ~ of living water”. Beautifully descriptive, poetic and hope-exuding! As one whose past seems to cling tenaciously to the present, I relish seeing those springs of holy living water bursting forth in the barren desert lands to bring refreshment for a parched and weary soul. Thank you, Kathy, for this glorious message! 🙂 xx

  4. Tis true, experience of both the bitter and the sweet allows us to appreciate every garden rose we are blessed to encounter on our journey. BEAUTIFUL writing /prose yet, not prosaic ~ rather INSPIRATIONAL ! A true joy to read. Reminded me of the hymn Be Still My Soul. Faithfully Debbie

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