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Creation (Celebration of the Seasons)

Amazing how the world began

Vast amid such darken space,

The wonder of infinite creation

How stars were named and placed.


Every creature precisely wrought

Through author precision form,

All earths creatures great and small

From dust to life were born.


No greater wonder to take its place

Within the seven days,

Creation of our mighty universe

How our God chose to display!

Kathy J Snow©


One thought on “Creation (Celebration of the Seasons)

  1. Reblogged this on Pebbles and Blessings Daily Blog and commented:

    In celebration of our God’s majestic creation! Another beautiful season, Autumn is about to bless us. I get so excited when I witness His miracles of creation! I am reminded of this song! I believe in miracles, I’ve seen a soul set free! Miraculous the change in one, REDEEMED through Calvary! I’ve seen the lily push its way, up through the stubborn sod. I BELIEVE in miracles! For I believe in God! Have a blessed day!

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