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The New Earth (Home)

The New Earth

Days that pass so quickly

Moments but fleeting time,

Days and hours blend to weeks

Almost to point of crime!


With every sunrise every evening

With each how time has flown,

Fast pace world so full of turmoil

Now is this where we call home?


Creation with anticipation

Awaits altering of the earth,

It weeps ~ travails with each new day

Awaiting the new birth!


As it quivers and it shudders

Preparing for the day,

Rejoice rejoice for no man know

Alas! The hour is on its way!


Early this morning while taking my daughter to school, I found the traffic excruciating ~ painful! I had to concentrate completely on the drive for fear the dreaded fender bender would materialize! I did however have a successful safe jaunt, thank the Lord!

Arriving safely back home, I closed my front door behind me. Deciding to leave the world of push and shove outside, a splinter of a thought scurried through my mind. Is this where I truthfully call home? Does my weary soul  want to continue to dwell in this world? A world where one can without hesitation completely vanish ~ lost in the traffic of merry go-round thoughts!

Like a fluttering leaf gracefully descending to the ground, I too have a purpose and destination! This earthly world is just a dimension, one I am briefly passing through on my way to my heavenly home! Someday ~ soon I will take up permanent residence in a mansion, maybe on a hillside, maybe in view of the picturesque tree and river of LIFE. As long as I see my Saviors face and touch his nail scarred hands, I will then know, without question, at last I am home!

No more traffic jams of doubts in my mind! There IS a land that is fairer than day, and by FAITH I shall sing on that beautiful shore! A destination! Where there are no traffic lights of the five senses.

So thankful!





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